London Office Refurbishment Company Leasing

Be Savvy when Financing Your London Office Refurbishment

If it’s the cost that is putting you off improving your office interior then it’s time to take note! Rather than paying an upfront cost for your London office refurbishment you can now lease it.

Sounds bazaar? Yes, of course it does. How can you possible lease office partitioning, carpet or even paint for that matter? It’s actually very simple – just like leasing a car, you set the term of your lease and pay a monthly fee. The timescale of your refurbishment lease can be set to the lease on your commercial property. Once the lease comes to an end, you can either move on to a new property at no extra expense, or stay put and set up a final lifetime lease plan (a percentage of the total refurbishment), which will ultimately mean the refurbishment is paid for.

So what are the benefits of leasing over a buying a London office refurbishment? For any business, maintaining cash flow is essential and you want to retain as much money in the bank as possible. With leasing you can manage your cash flow far more effectively with a fixed monthly payment.

The tax rewards for leasing your London office refurbishment are extremely attractive. The lease is 100% tax allowable, as is paying up front for an office refurbishment. However, a fixed monthly payment plan means you can pay for the lease as you earn and spread the tax savings as your business becomes more profitable.

Lease Benefits

  • Helps cash flow – no big cash outlay means you keep cash within your business to invest in other revenue
  • Payments are 100% tax allowable against taxable profit
  • Fixed payments for accurate budgeting and forecasting
  • Get the best solution now by spreading the cost, rather than being restricted by your current capital budget
  • Match the lease of the workplace fitout to the lease on your building
  • Leasing is quick to organise, usually within 2 to 3 days

 How to Get the Ball Rolling

  • First of all obtain a quote for your office fit out from a reputable office refurbishment company – JBH for instance!
  • We will then contact our finance partners, who will run a credit check on your business.
  • Once approved, the funds are released to the refurbishment company, who can start work promptly.
  • Before you know it, you’re office refurbishment is complete and you are managing an affordable monthly expenditure.

If you have any question about leasing an office refurbishment, then contact our team for more information.

How We Can Help


We’re experienced at working to tight deadlines & budgets. We treat each commercial fit-out with the same professionalism, while delivering quality results each time.


Office Design and Layout

From carrying out a full site inspection we create a digital rendering to show exactly how your workplace will look once our builders have finished.

Commercial Office Fit Out

Workplace Furniture

JBH Refurbishments can supply a range of quality office furniture including bespoke desks and tables, reception desks and conference tables and meeting room furniture.



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