A Guide To Office Partitioning

The way an office is laid out plays an extremely important role in creating a workplace that’s friendly, comfortable, inspiring, and productive. When refurbishing or simply improving on your office layout office many people place emphasis on the colour scheme or the choice of furniture and forget that office partitioning can play a large role in creating the right working environment. What can you expect from having a well thought-out and well-designed partitioning system in your office?

Improves Staff Concentration

It’s important that staff can get on with their work without distractions. If staff are able to concentrate on the task at hand they are more likely to be productive and this will lead to a boost in their work performance. In some circumstances privacy is a must e.g. if sensitive documents have to be handled or the work being carried out needs to remain private. In both these circumstances office partitioning can provide the perfect solution by minimising noise and allowing you to section off office areas.


We’ve mentioned this in the past and we’ll say it again. How your office looks and feels can have a huge impact on staff morale and how effectively they work. With the great many different types of partitioning systems available today office partitioning can be configured to enhance any office or workplace environment. When used to its maximum advantage office partitioning can also give offices and workplaces the appearance of increased space and height. From single to double glazed to with or without glazing, office partitions come in a range of materials including timber, aluminium, plasterboard, composite and glass and in different designs, colours and sizes. More than enough variety for any business requirement.

Costs Less Than Solid Stud Walls

The added advantage is that not only does partitioning allow you to section off your workplace, provide privacy, reduce noise and improve the aesthetics it’s not a permanent fixture and can be altered when you need to expand or change your office layout. It’s also less disruptive and more cost effective than permanent structural changes and office partitions can be put together and installed quickly, which will result in less downtime and inconvenience for your company.

What Are My Office Partitioning Choices?

When it comes to choosing the “right” partitioning you should think about what are you trying to achieve e.g. do you need more offices, storage space, a conference room, a break out area or are you simply looking to reorganise your space more efficiently? Working out your requirements will help when it comes to choosing the partitioning that will work best for you. As a guide see a few examples below:

Demountable partitioning is effective in office areas and has the benefit of being easy to dismantle and re-erect if you need some flexibility in being able to change your office layout as required.

Sliding or folding door partitions are an excellent choice when you want to close or open up areas for different purposes e.g. opening sliding door partitions to enable a room to be used for a large conference or meeting and closing them if you’re hosting a smaller meeting, which still leave the second room available for other purposes.

Timber partitioning produces a practical but very pleasing office environment. It can be used for a natural feel and look and is ideal for conference facilities, executive suites and boardrooms.

Full and Half Glazed partitions are an excellent choice when you want to ensure each office space has the maximum amount of light. Glazed partitions can also look good in modern open plan offices.

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