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Covid-19 Office Layout, Design and Tech Consultation

Right now, at the top of every business’ priority is getting back to some kind of normal. Our Covid-19 Office Layout, Design and Tech Consultation is designed to help you get your staff back to the workplace as safely and quickly as possible.

How Does it Work?

The JBH office design team will assess your workplace and discuss your plans for welcoming your staff back to work. Whether that is by partially staffing your office using a rota system, or returning to full capacity, we will help you explore the possibilities.

First, we will carry out an assessment of your space, and discuss your plans for returning to the workplace. During the consultation we will provide suggestions and advice on improving your office layout, design, and tech to help you adapt to the new normal.

We can look at:

  • creating more meeting rooms with video conferencing equipment installed
  • fitting safety screens to desks
  • providing smaller office furniture and booths that allows for social distancing
  • technology to allow for booking hot desks
  • reducing touch points using automated controls

If you like our suggestions, we will go ahead and draw up a competitive quotation to carry out the work. We also offer optional 3D plans to help you envisage exactly how we recommend you optimise your office space.

Planning to Downsize?

Covid-19 is forcing businesses to assess how they work. For some companies, working from home part of the week is a feasible solution, which means they can downsize or reduce the number of floors they occupy in a building. If that is the case, we can help you create a layout that suits your various departments and your new way of working. We can increase your meeting spaces, install video conference equipment, and reduce your desk space.

Looking to Upscale?

For other businesses, working from home is simply not possible. Taking on extra space within your existing building or moving could be the solution for you. That being so, we will advise on the most suitable Covid-19 office layout and interior design for your new workspace.

Moving Out of London?

With tech becoming the norm for face to face communication, the home counties are an appealing option for London corporations to set up shop. As well as offering lower rentals, the home counties – in particular Kent – have excellent fast rail links to the city and the continent.

As an interior refurbishment company in Kent, we are here to support the office refurbishment, fit out and interior design plans for any companies looking to relocate to the area. We also support office refurbishments in Surrey and Sussex.

What Does a Covid-19 Office Layout Look Like?

Your Covid-19 office layout, design and tech will entirely depend on your business activity, your existing layout and how you plan to return to work.

Will you be trying to return all your staff at once, gradually or in a shift pattern? These are the questions we will be asking before coming up with a Covid-19 office layout, design and tech solution for your business.

If the plan is to return all your staff to work at once because that’s the only way you can operate there are some short-term solutions that we can put in place, such as safety screens.

For businesses that have decided to run at a reduced occupancy going forward we can provide can offer advice on:

  • reconfiguring your layout
  • introducing larger meeting spaces and breakout areas
  • implementing video conferencing tech to improve your virtual communications
  • hygienic hot desk booking solutions

Safety screens

Safety screens for desks will help office staff feel more confident returning to work. These come in a variety of standard sizes and materials. The lead times vary depending on the material you opt for.

Currently, acrylic safety screens are in high demand, which is evident from the price and availability. Fortunately, we keep a very close eye on the market value and lead time to give you a realistic quote and delivery schedule for acrylic safety screens.

We also offer alternatives to acrylic safety screens, including foam PVC and polycarbonate, which have a 2-3 week lead time.

Floor standing safety screens are a great solution for dividing areas. These are available with a glass or PET plastic screen. The aluminium frame can be free-standing or fitted with wheels for manoeuvrability.

Office partitions

A more permanent solution for your Covid-19 office layout is office partitioning, which can completely reconfigure your office and create new spaces.

As we move into a more virtual world, meeting rooms and individual offices will become an increasingly valuable asset to a business. Using office partitioning we can change your layout entirely to provide spaces for individual departments, offices, meeting rooms, storage and more.

There are many different types of office partitioning available to enhance your Covid-19 office layout and design, including:

  • Glass partitions (Frameless glass, aluminium framed, curved glass, glass partition with integrated blinds, toughened glass and acoustic glass panels)
  • Sliding or folding partitions
  • Timber and plasterboard
  • Composite
  • Fire rated partitions
  • Soundproof
  • Frameless glass partitions
  • Partially glazed partitions
  • Floor standing screens
  • Sliding doors

Glass partitions are particularly favourable when dividing smaller spaces, as they maintain the natural light.

Desk Layout

Large desks have no place in your Covid-19 office layout. To enable social distancing, smaller desks are the preference because they can be spread further apart.

Having smaller desks may seem like a quick fix, but you do need to consider that each desk will require a power supply and data connection. To prevent trailing wires across the floor, JBH Refurbishments can reconfigure your electrical installation and apply new floor boxes and wall trunking for a seamless transition to your new desk layout.


Office interior design can help to instil social distancing in the workplace, while providing a striking and on-brand environment for your staff. Subtle prompts within your décor, flooring and furnishings can provide visual cues to ensure staff keep their distance. For example, we can create zones using:

  • Contrasting hues within your flooring
  • Acoustic panels
  • Wall décor
  • Booth style seating
  • Storage units

We can create a timeless office interior design that purposely supports your Covid-19 office design now and continues to look exceptional for years to come.

Video Conferencing

If the Covid-19 lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that technology will essential to our face to face communications at work from now on.

Yes, video conferencing the new norm for meeting with colleagues, clients and suppliers. It’s what has enabled teams to continue working together throughout the lockdown and communicate face to face.

For businesses that are intending to partially staff their offices, video conferencing will no doubt be part of your business lifestyle from now on.

That’s why we have extended our office refurbishment and fit out services to include video conferencing tech. Our professional AV team will create a solution that allows your workforce to connect no matter where they are – be it home, on the move, in the office or on a different floor. We can help you connect with your team members with ease and success.


Desk Booking Tech

Hot desking was a popular solution for flexible working until Covid-19 highlighted concerns for hygiene. Now it can return thanks to an App that allows hot deskers to book their desk in advance. This customisable App will notify the cleaners when the space has been vacated. Once cleaned, the space will come available, ready for booking.

Desk booking tech is part of out office tech solutions and can be delivered as part of our complete Covid-19 office layout, design and tech solutions.

Let’s Get Talking

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