Benefits of Using Glass Partitioning in Your Kent or London Office Refurbishment

When it comes to Kent and London office refurbishment glass partitioning can play a major role in defining your office look and in supplying a flexible solution to partition office space.

Many businesses looking to make more effective use of their office space through the use of partitioning, to divide space into more individual offices or rooms, see partitioning as a cost effective way to make this change rather than think about a whole office refurbishment or office move. In modern commercial office space glass partitioning is often favoured as it can look stylish and can bring a whole new look and feel to a workspace. In fact glass can have a big visual and functional impact in an office area without breaking the bank.

So why is glass partitioning so well liked when it comes to office refurbishments? Here are a few of the top benefits of glass and why it’s used in partitioning.

Glass Partitioning Brings Light

When it comes to internal office walls one of the main considerations is how to make sure that the office refurbishment can include and make use of as much natural light is as possible. Closing off internal walls with solid stud wall partitions can very quickly lead to dark and gloomy office interiors. With the use of glass, although there is a partition present, natural light can still flow freely through the office area, helping to create a bright and welcoming environment. In turn this reduces lighting bills as the need for artificial lighting can be reduced.

Further to a reduction in bills natural light is a must when it comes to staff health and well-being, boosting staff morale, making for happier employees and playing a role in increased productivity.

An additional benefit is that glass makes an office space appear more open and as a consequence more spacious.

Glass Partitioning Gives the Impression of an Open Office Environment

Open plan working was popular in the 1930s. Today it’s become popular again as office work environments need to foster collaboration and team work and where staff are encouraged to “be mobile”, moving around and utilising work areas that are specifically designed to support different activities. Glass partitioning provides the benefit that it can create distinct but open work areas without affecting the “open plan” feel of an office while at the same time providing privacy.

Glass Partitioning Provides Privacy

If you want your office space to appear open but need individual office space or meeting rooms which provide an element of privacy then installing glass partitioning can be a great way to achieve this. Glass partitioning can also be used to provide team areas or departments areas which can help with team working.

To take privacy further glass partitioning can be tinted or frosted. Glass can also be branded to fit with the look and feel your company is looking to achieve.

Glass Partitioning as an Acoustic Barrier

One of the drawbacks of an open plan office can be the level of noise generated. With everyone in the same space and communication encouraged volume can be a problem. This can affect some people’s ability to work effectively. This can be a difficult problem to solve with traditional partitioning. Glass partitions, on the other hand, can provide sound insulation, reducing the background noise, providing a quieter office space to work in. Glass is naturally much better at soundproofing than traditional stud wall partitions. Even half-height glass partitions can significantly reduce ambient noise while retaining all the positives of an open-plan office.

Glass Partitioning Is Flexible

One of the great aspects of glass partitioning is that it is flexible. It can be used to easily change the layout of an office, to create different office shapes and sizes. Like all partitioning, glass partitioning is not fixed and therefore provides greater flexibility in being easy to move it if you require changes to your office layout. There is also no need to undergo heavy construction work when using glass partitioning.

Glass Partitioning Is Modern, Stylish and Classy

In terms of design, glass is timeless, it will never get old.

Glass partitioning is also not only practical, it’s aesthetically pleasing. Glass walls lend an air of style and sophistication to your office interior, helping to make a good first impression. They never fail to help modernise how a space looks and can give it a contemporary feel.

With the range of finishes available no two glass partitions need look the same. Whether using frosted, tinted or coloured glass you can create customised and branded private office space to suit your business needs.

Glass Partitioning Won’t Break the Bank and May Help You make Savings

Glass is a readily available, relatively inexpensive and cost effective material. It is also very easy to install and take down whenever required, resulting in considerable building cost savings when it comes to rearranging or redesigning an office space.

Glass partitioning is durable and lasts longer than traditional solid stud wall partitioning. Glass partitioning is also very cost effective when compared to fixed, structural partitions.

With its natural ability to insulate and absorb light, rooms using glass partitions actually tend to be much warmer than people realise and as a result can help to cut down energy bills.

Glass partitioning is of course suitable for more than just office space. It can also be used in a variety of commercial buildings including hotel reception areas, waiting room, shops, and car showrooms etc.

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