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Cornwallis Academy Classroom Fit Out

JBH Refurbishments Provided Classroom Fit Out Services for Cornwallis School in Maidstone, Kent.

Cornwallis Academy in Maidstone, Kent opened in 2011, at which time the school became part of the Future Learning Trust.  This new school building replaced the original structure that dated back to 1959. While the old school was demolished, it was replaced by several state-of the- art buildings that now house some of the latest learning technology and school facilities.

Like many new academies and schools, Cornwallis featured a large open plan learning environment, which could accommodate multiple classes at once.  However, this summer the Maidstone school decided it was time to adapt the open plan area and contacted JBH Refurbishments for advice.

The management team at Cornwallis Academy wanted to divide the open plan area in to three smaller individual classrooms and a substantial corridor that would withstand the numbers of pupils passing through the halls each day.

The Classroom Fit Out – What Were the Key Factors?

JBH needed to partition the four new sections with stud wall partitioning. While the overall project was very straightforward, there were a few major factors that our Project Management team had to consider.

First was the ceiling height. The open plan space at Cornwallis Academy was not only vast in it floor square footage, but the ceiling was double height and measured six metres tall. When you take in to account that a single height ceiling at Cornwallis is much higher than a standard commercial property, this was not a typical partitioning project.

Second was the sound reverberations. In large spaces with high ceilings, sound reverberations can prove problematic, especially in a classroom, where noise levels can be an issue, especially during group work. It was important that the new classrooms were practical and that involved ensuring the teachers could be heard clearly to create an effective learning environment.

The Solution

The JBH Refurbishments team did not take these factors lightly. After much research, they addressed the ceiling height by opting for ‘jumbo’ partitioning and a stud framework formed the basis of the large walls. The ‘jumbo’ partitioning comprised two skins of plasterboard to reinforce the unusually tall walls.

To address the noise reverberations within the classroom environment, the ‘jumbo’ partitioning panels featured acoustic properties that would help absorb echo within the room.

Electrical Installation

Being a school that boasts state-of-the art equipment and technology, a sufficient power supply in each new classroom and the hall was a must.

Simultaneous to the partition wall construction, the first fix electrical installation was underway. Our team of electrical engineers integrated electrical and data cabling to the partition walls and fused spurs were fitted for the electronic door entry.

There were 18 new LED ceiling lights with LED panels that required power, so the cabling needed to run the full length of the ‘jumbo’ walls through to the suspended ceiling.

The LED lighting system replicates natural light. This is ideal within environments where a natural light source is scarce, which was precisely the situation with the new classroom fit outs at Cornwallis Academy. JBH Refurbishments customised the LED lighting system to provide a simple switch for ease of use.

For the second electrical fix, double electric and data sockets were installed on the ‘jumbo’ walls for connection to the school’s IT system.

The Finishing Touches

Once the construction work and electrical installation was complete, the walls were decorated in the traditional magnolia, the skirtings and carpentry work were glossed and oak veneer fire doors were fitted.

How Long Did it Take?

The classroom fit out took place during the summer holidays, which was ideal for a project of this size. JBH Refurbishments completed the project in just over five weeks, which included some time for cleaning the area.

Being a refurbishment company that often works with schools and commercial clients with tight deadlines, it is essential that we remain on the ball throughout any project. Fortunately, we have a strong team of engineers that work tirelessly to ensure every project is completed within the time scale, if not sooner.

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What the Client Said…

Throughout the classroom fit out we worked closely with the Facilities Manager at Cornwallis Academy, who later gave us the following feedback:

“JBH Refurbishments provided an outstanding service to Cornwallis School during the reconfiguration of our open plan area. They transformed the space into three classrooms and a large corridor with floor to ceiling jumbo partitioning, complete with electrics.

I was impressed by their aptitude and level of service throughout the project. They went to great lengths to ensure the new rooms worked as we needed, by recommending certain products to help keep sound reverberations at a minimum.

Furthermore, the team worked tirelessly to ensure the project was completed on time and with great precision. I would highly recommend their services to other schools and businesses. They are precise, quick, tidy, helpful and friendly.”

What Happens if you Need a Classroom Fit Out?

From time to time classrooms require some sort of TLC, or complete refurbishment. After all, they withstand an awful lot of wear and tear. Depending on your classroom fit out requirements, this can be an unobtrusive process for your school. JBH Refurbishments can work out-of-school-hours, during school holidays or we can carry out the work in phases.

All our onsite operatives have completed a full DBS check and we have their certificates on file, should you need them. For more information about our classroom fit out service, please contact our team.

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