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Office Partitioning: London Care Agency

Care Agency, Lifecare Professionals contacted JBH Refurbishments for advice on how best to reconfigure their office layout. Following a site visit the design team at JBH suggested office partitioning for the London-based company.

Lifecare Professionals, based on Burford road, London are a growing business, with an expanding workforce. Their existing office layout was no longer working for their team and, rather than make that costly move, they wanted to optimize their existing office space.

“There are a lot of businesses like Lifecare Professionals, where the current layout becomes difficult, cramped and sometimes is a hindrance as the company expands. Often businesses that reach this point begin to feel the need to relocate their offices, but it is not always necessary, as Lifecare Professionals have proven,” explains Jason Hubbard, Managing Director of JBH Refurbishments.

To relocate is a major step for any business. You need to consider the current travel requirements of your workforce, as a major move could cause enormous logistical problems. There’s also the cost of moving, the upheaval and the financial implications – a larger premises in a similar location will undoubtedly command higher running cost.

There are lots of things to consider, but above all, if you are planning to make that next step up, you need to know it will be worthwhile! You wouldn’t want to be sat in the middle of a larger office with too much space around you. So, before you make that leap, it could be worth reconfiguring your existing layout, using office partitioning, changing your furniture, or introducing ergonomic storage.

For the Lifecare Professionals’ office we moved the existing office partitioning to make the space work for their current needs. The London-based office already had 12 meters of office partitioning installed, which had to be dismantled before any further refurbishment work could take place.

Once the strip out was complete, JBH Refurbishments fitted an aluminum framework to create a new office area. The frame was fitted with half glazed and half solid wall partitioning from floor to ceiling height. Two door modules were installed with complementary oak doors.

The majority of the office partitioning installation work was completed over a weekend. This was so as not to obstruct the live working environment. The JBH team returned to the London premises to complete the decoration of the solid wall partitioning sections using a vinyl wall covering.

There is a vast range of wall coverings available, in various shades, patterns and textures to enable you to achieve the desired look. You can even use frosted or opaque vinyl on glazed office partitioning to create your logo, or a pattern of your choice.

Once the decoration was completed at Lifecare Professional, the JBH team repaired the suspended ceiling at the London office. Where the original office partitioning had been installed the suspended ceiling had been cut. JBH replaced the missing framework with a seamless join and new ceiling tiles were fitted.

The office partitioning and reconfigured layout was installed on budget, on time and with minimal disruption to the client. Since completing the office partitioning in London, Lifecare Professionals has benefitted enormously from the improved layout. Needless to say, they were delighted with the end result and the service they received.

How can you optimise you office layout?

If like Lifecare Professionals in London, you want to change the layout of your office in order to accommodate an expanding workforce, or a change in use, there are a number of options to consider.

Office Partitioning Options:

Office partitioning is the most popular choice and there may be more options available than you realise. There is the conventional solid wall or glazed partitioning for a permanent solution to create an office or separate work zone. However, there are also temporary solutions for office partitioning in the form of moving walls. These walls are designed with integrated concertina or sliding doors to create the impression of a solid wall when in place. When the doors are retracted you can benefit from an open plan office space. This is a fantastic option for a smaller office space where there is the occasional need for a meeting room or private office.

Office Furniture:

If your office layout is not working for you, your office furniture could be your problem. For an expanding workforce, you may want to think about downsizing your desks, or introducing bench-style desks. There are many styles available with integrated cable management.

Use desk cluster configurations to really make the most of your available space. This way, you can add desks around the edge of the room, as well as in the middle.

Office Storage:

Many offices have various cupboards, filing cabinets and drawers, which all take up unnecessary space. Instead, storage walls offer floor to ceiling storage for all manner of files and equipment. They can also to help hide unsightly utilities, as well as providing office storage.

At JBH our skilled carpenters can create bespoke storage in otherwise unusable space, such as under the stairs, within the eves of a roof, or we can install a mezzanine floor in a building with a high ceiling for larger items.

Having this kind of space-saving and dedicated storage solution in place will ultimately make all those small cabinets redundant, giving you space for an extra desk or two.

There are many ways to make the most of your office area. If you would like some advice from one of our professional project managers please get in touch.

What can JBH Refurbishments offer?

We provide commercial refurbishments for the commercial, retail, healthcare and educational sectors. With a solid reputation for reliability, quality and transparent costing many of our clients return to us as they relocate, or look to improve their commercial property.

JBH Refurbishments can provide excellent advice on all office refurbishments, from the initial design to the finishing touches. We also carry out small office fit-outs, including decoration, flooring, suspended ceiling installation and office partitioning in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex based commercial properties.

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