Commercial Office Fit Out

A commercial office fit out (sometimes known more simply as an office fit-out or commercial refurbishment) is something that can’t be undertaken lightly. For a business a fit out or refurbishment of their premises is likely to be the highest expenditure they incur so it’s vital that any fit out work undertaken is thoroughly planned and executed.

It’s all too easy to jump into a project too quickly without the proper planning which can prove to be disruptive and costly, resulting in: down time as issues have to be addressed, loss of space or space not being utilised to its full potential and businesses having to pay more money to correct problems. It therefore makes sense to find and work with the best company who will be able to guide you through the planning and implementation phases of your fit-out, thereby avoiding the risks of getting it wrong which could prove disastrous for any business.

Avoiding the Pitfalls – Helping Your Commercial Office Fit Out Go to Plan

No matter your circumstance e.g. whether you’re refurbishing your existing office or expanding and relocating to new office premises, working with a commercial office fit out specialist plus planning (and more planning) are key to a successful project.

So where do you start . . .

Identify A Commercial Office Fit Out Specialist

Having one company who can co-ordinate and carry out all the work enables you to have one point of contact. To identify the best company to meet your needs you should research the following:

  • Previous experience. What projects have they completed and did they carry out the work to the client’s expectations?
  • Advice and workplace consultancy. Can they advise on the how to get the best use from your workspace? Are they up to date with the latest technology and products?
  • Financial stability. Are they financially viable both short and long term?
  • Health and safety. Are they aware of and adhere to the current British, European and International Standards and other relevant technical standards, regulations and practices?
  • Environmental policy. Do they have an environmental policy?

Having identified a company you can work with the next step is to bring them in to begin the process of working out your objectives and designing your fit out.

Your Objectives and Vision

In order to plan your new fit out you need to think about why you need a new workplace and what you need to get out of it when it’s complete. Any office fit out or refurbishment can affect your business in the years to come. You should consider:

  • Why are you carrying out an office fit out?
  • What are your objectives?
  • Do you have growth plans or are you simply looking to utilise your office space more efficiently?
  • If your answer is you plan to grow what does this mean in terms of number of staff?
  • If you are looking to better use your office space what are your requirements: more desk space, additional storage space, break out areas, meeting rooms, reception area etc.

Other Things To Consider

As well as looking at business growth and space usage you should also think about:

  • Is your brand identity strong? Does your workplace reflect your brand and does it show your business off to its best effect to staff and customers?
  • Does it retain and attract staff?
  • Is it cost efficient?

Designing Your Office Fit Out

Today, digital rendering (CAD drawings) can give you a very good idea of what your business premises, office space, storage facilities and break out areas can look like well before any on-site work takes place.

Digital drawings can help you visualise layout, ceilings, lighting, partitioning, and colour schemes, even down to how wall art will look. It can also help to highlight if there are likely to be any potential problems, so that you can avoid them.

Overall it’s a great way to show you the “final look” and give you piece of mind that you know how your workplace will look when the work is finished.

Budget Considerations

The budget for an office fit out is likely to be amongst the largest expenditure for any business. Therefore it’s important to spend time planning your budget and ensuring any monies paid out are used in the most appropriate manner to give the best ROI.

Your total budget will depend on a variety of factors e.g. the size of your office(s), the structural elements like partitioning, flooring, ceilings, storage etc., the use of space, the finish quality, your choice of furniture (bespoke or off the shelf), the technology used and the building location.

Every project is different! It’s why it’s important to involve a commercial office fit out specialist as early in the process as possible.

JBH Refurbishments

When it comes to commercial office fit out JBH Refurbishments has over 25 years of experience and hundreds of happy customers.

The team at JBH Refurbishments work to the latest standards and are fully aware of health and safety regulations. They can undertake your project from concept to completion. From ceilings and office partitioning to a complete turnkey office interior project, we can work with you to turn your concepts of your office interior into a reality.

Call us to discuss your office refurbishment and fit out options on 0333 207 0339 or contact via our contact page.

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