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How Spa Commercial Shower Rooms Rate on Review Sites

We’re off to the spa, see you later!

Kiss good bye to meeting friends for a coffee, the spa day is now the place to have a catch-up and enjoy each other’s company.

The popularity of spending time with friends in a relaxing spa continues to gain momentum. Spa days are becoming more accessible to groups of friends and colleagues thanks to an increase in spa facilities nationwide and popular voucher code sites that offer major savings on treatments and the use of spa facilities.

What do we expect from a spa?

Spa days are indulgent, fun and most importantly relaxing. Most of us have a fast pace lifestyle these days, so the desire to be pampered and unwind with friends is naturally a desirable treat.

At JBH Refurbishments we’ve looked at the popular review sites and it’s very simple, we want luxury that we cannot experience elsewhere. The treatments aside, spa-goers expect good service, nice food, an interior that exude opulence, suitable lighting and above all, it must be well kept and clean.

While most spas and leisure facilities are of a high standard, it is clear when a spa lets things slip, it will be aired to the world, potential clients and spa day fanatics on popular review sites and on social media. Most complaints are written with absolute fury. This is no surprise, after all clients that expect a day of luxury, that are left disappointed need somewhere to voice their opinion.

Many complaints associated with spas on popular review sites were associated with the shower rooms and washroom facilities. The key problems included:

  • Hair in the shower rooms, particularly in plugs and a build up around the shower tray
  • Mould in the tile grout around a shower area, in a swimming pool or jacuzzi
  • Loose or broken tiles
  • Mould on suspended ceiling tiles
  • Stained carpets
  • Shabby or dated décor
  • Poor lighting in the changing rooms
  • Lack of shower and washroom facilities
  • Not enough private changing rooms
  • Over crowding

Why Spas Might Not Carry Out Essential Refurbishment Work and Maintenance?

There are many reasons spa facilities let things slide when it comes to maintaining the commercial shower room facilities and décor. The reasons could stem from the popularity of spas. The discount vouchers for many spas have meant they have become incredibly popular places for birthdays, hen parties, friendship gatherings and anniversaries.

This means they are busy all year round and their sheer popularity prevents spas closing certain areas for refurbishment or maintenance work. Yet the wear and tear continues to take its toll on the washrooms, shower rooms and the general state of the facilities throughout the spa.

Like many businesses, spas put a lot of effort into the front of house areas that are dressed to impress. The reception, treatment rooms, pool and dining facilities are considered as the most impressionable areas. However, the washroom can be the hardest area to keep looking at its best, particularly as any maintenance to tiling and grout work, sealant and plumbing requires a minimum drying time of 24hrs, meaning the area must be closed for that period. This can cause a major issue for a busy spa.

Shower and Changing Room Refurbishments

It’s clear from looking at the review sites that spas and well-being retreats must seriously consider regular maintenance of their washrooms and commercial changing rooms. By staying on top of these areas major work can be avoided. Keeping a shower room and changing area in good condition will also aid cleaning and provide a far better impression on guests.

JBH’s Top Tips for a Commercial Shower Rooms and Refurbishments

Tip 1.

The main priority for a spa shower room refurbishment should be facilitating cleanliness. High footfall means a commercial shower room is cleaned several times a day. To aid the cleaning process, we recommend full height hygienic cladding. This is an impervious and hardwearing wall surface, which removes the need for wall tiles and grout that can cause a build-up of scum and mould in a shower room.

Hygienic cladding comes in all colours and can even be custom made with your own design or photograph to make a design impact. To maximise the hygienic properties of this type of wall cladding, it must be installed by an approved installer that has the correct installation equipment. JBH Refurbishments is an approved installer of Altro White Rock and BePlas Hygienic Cladding. We have the correct skills and certification for ensure hygienic wall cladding is installed to optimise cleanliness.

Tip 2.

Steam rises and can cause mould on standard suspended ceiling tiles. We recommend a special anti-mould ceiling tile that is designed for wet rooms and commercial shower rooms.

Tip 3.

Stay on top of washroom maintenance. Broken tiles, mouldy grout, smelly drains and a shabby finish should never be satisfactory. For a spa, leisure centre or hotel there are commercial maintenance companies that will carry out routine facilities management and odd jobs for you. JBH Refurbishments is one of these companies that offer commercial maintenance services.

Tip 4.

Lighting is key, it should be flattering and practical. You will need different lighting for the main changing room area to that of the vanity units. Introducing LED lighting on a dimmer system would be advisable to create the ideal ambience.

Tip 5.

Make it look inviting. The Spa is a place of sanctuary, so the changing room should reflect this. It should be designed to make you feel special and in the presence of luxury. If you are planning a complete changing room refurbishment, we will help you with the design and provide a complete 3D visual to help you realise the potential of the space you have available.

You can find out more information about commercial shower rooms and maintenance by contacting our team.

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