Essential School Buildings Maintenance For Schools in Kent

School buildings maintenance is vitally important and JBH Refurbishments would like to help! Read on to find out why schools in Kent should look to ensure they have a routine building maintenance program in place and what JBH can do for your school.

A Government report “Essential School Maintenance – A Guide for Schools” published in Jan 2016 states “All school buildings should facilitate education within a weather tight and safe environment. The environment has the potential to adversely affect education, but this risk can be significantly reduced with appropriate maintenance. Deferred maintenance often results in substantial costs required in the future. School buildings are important long term assets that are often also used as community facilities. Every type of school building should have effective stewardship and a maintenance regime to ensure safe condition and a secure environment.”

Effective facilities management and planned on-going maintenance can help ensure that pupil’s education can be delivered without disruption, to the highest standards and children can learn in the best possible environment, enabling them to reach their full potential.

In the years between 2010 and 2015 the Government spent around £18 billion on school buildings. £5.6 billion of this went direct to schools for them to spend on their own building improvement programmes.

With their continued commitment to ensuring school buildings are properly maintained, the government have pledged to invest £23 billion in the school buildings, including £4 billion to fund condition improvement and maintenance between 2016 and 2021.

Don’t Put Maintenance Off

It’s little wonder that school buildings and equipment can suffer damage due to the large volume of pupils and staff and heavy and sometimes rough handling that they have to endure on a day to day basis.

Deferred maintenance is a false economy which often results in substantial costs in the future. By putting off repairs damage or faults can become larger issues that cost more to fix. Even small refurbishment and maintenance tasks which can go wrong e.g. electrical and plumbing issues can have a big impact on a school building and cause major disruption to lessons.

Preventative and effective on-going school building maintenance can help keep on top of repairs, lead to long term savings and help prevent the need for major capital outlay and disruption which can follow building and equipment issues and failures.

Planning Routine Preventative Maintenance

By planning routine preventative maintenance a school building, the building’s equipment and fabric can be maintained to a planned schedule, thereby avoiding likely issues.

Rather than waiting for problems to occur planned preventative maintenance (PPM) can enable schools to be proactive in keeping ahead of issues and in maintaining a safe place for staff and students to work and study. Routine maintenance can play a vital role in ensuring that school buildings and equipment are safe.

JBH Complete Tailored School Maintenance Program For Your Kent School

JBH’s complete maintenance program can help schools in Kent. We also provide maintenance programs for Sussex, Surrey, Essex and London schools.

Rather than having to look around for individual trades to carry all of the work you require, JBH can act as your one point of contact for all your electrical, plumbing, and building maintenance.

To help you keep on top of your school building’s maintenance JBH Refurbishments offers a complete maintenance support program with scheduled visits to carry out general maintenance and repairs. This program will help keep your school in tip top condition, looking great and running smoothly and will ensure that education is not disrupted and that staff and pupils safe are safe. Each maintenance package is specifically tailored to your school and its requirements, to meet your specific needs and to suit your budget.

The regularity of visits will be scheduled with you depending on the work to be carried out. During our visit we will carry out any jobs you have detailed for us alongside any preventative work or routine inspections. You needn’t wait for our next visit if you have a repair that cannot wait. Simply call us to organise a visit outside your normal schedule. We will always aim to avoid causing disruptions and interrupting school life.

From plumbing and electrics to refurbishment and minor building works through to more minor jobs like signage, school furniture and storage solutions to computer trunking and much more JBH have you covered.

Why not contact us to deal with the repair of broken sinks, blocked toilets, dripping taps, electrical faults or refurbishment work? Call our helpful team to discuss your school maintenance program options on 0333 207 0339 or contact us via our contact page.

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