Homelessness Figures Should Spur Kent Businesses to Donate this Christmas

Press release: 05/12/2018

Rather than spend unnecessarily on festive marketing and entertainment, JBH Refurbishments, based in Staplehurst, Kent urges businesses to support the homeless and other local causes this Christmas.

Figures released by homeless charity, Shelter today, reveal there are 320,000 people homeless in Britain, but shockingly 131,000 are children, which is a rise of 50,000 in the last five years.

For many years, JBH Refurbishments has donated food, tents and other items at Christmas to the Ashford Together Winter Night Shelter for the homeless. The company’s Director, Babs Hubbard firmly believes that Kent businesses could do more to help the homeless and other local charities on their door step this Christmas.

“The figures released today astound me,” proclaims Babs Hubbard, Director of JBH Refurbishments. “I cannot believe that the number of homeless people continues to rise in this seemingly modern society. I know, that as a small business owner in Kent I cannot change this alone, but I can make a difference and urge other small businesses to do the same for a charity they feel passionately about.

“At this time of year, it is very easy for businesses to get carried away with spending on marketing and entertainment, but we are in a fortunate position and we should be thinking about helping those less fortunate.”

Kent Refurbishment Company Urges local Homelessness Figures Should Spur Kent Businesses to Donate this Christmas

Ashford Together Winter Night Shelter opens its doors for 12 weeks on Monday 10 December until 10 March. During this time, they will be offering refuge and support to 20 homeless people each night based on a referral basis.

Tracey Barwick of Headcorn, is a volunteer at Ashford Homeless Shelter and also works for Childhood First, a charity that supports children that have suffered trauma. Tracey collected the car-load of supplies donated by JBH Refurbishments.

Charity food donation

“We are very grateful to JBH for their generosity,” said Tracey. “We rely solely on donations to feed, clothe and support our homeless and we really do make a difference to their lives.

“Last year alone we had capacity for 15 people each night and this year it has risen to 20, although we have had 28 referrals! During this time, together with the Salvation Army, we were able to home them all. To this day they remain housed, which makes all our hard work so worth-while.”

Having become homeless as single mother seven years ago, Tracey was fortunate to have the support of a loving family. “Unfortunately, not everyone has this luxury and people can find themselves very alone during difficult periods in their life, causing them to lose their jobs, homes, friends and families.

“Mental health is a major cause for homelessness. In 2015 homeless charity, St Mungos, reported that 70% of those suffering with mental health were homeless,” explains Tracey.

To further support the work of various homeless charities, JBH Refurbishments will also be donating £1,000 this Christmas to MIND, the national charity that supports those suffering with mental health.

“Unfortunately, depression and anxiety are a common issue within the workplace,” explains Babs. “As an office refurbishment company, we do a lot of work with businesses that want to provide a less stressful working environment. Therefore, MIND was an obvious choice of charity for us and it also links with the wonderful work of the Ashford Together Winter Night Shelter.”

“There are plenty of wonderful charities that do an amazing job. So, I strongly urge Kent businesses to embrace the season in good will and let’s see what a difference we could make to the local community,” concludes Babs.

As well as Ashford Together Winter Night Shelter and MIND, JBH Refurbishments also supports the RSPCA and Cancer Research.

To find out more about JBH Refurbishments, or to find out how to donate Ashford Together Winter Night Shelter call 0333 207 0339 or email info@jbhrefurbishments.co.uk.

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