How To Tell When Its Time For A Kent or London Office Refurbishment

How can you tell it’s time for a Kent or London office refurbishment? As an office refurbishment company working with clients across Kent and London we know that there are a variety of reasons why our customers realise that it’s time for a refurbishment. In this article we cover some of the most common signs that your office space needs a refurbishment.

The Office Looks Outdated or There’s General Wear and Tear

If you’ve lived in your office space for some time without updating it your office may start to look outdated and general wear and tear will become more pronounced.

There’s nothing worse than coming into a drab, out of date office. Given that staff can spend anything up to 8 hours a day or more in their office it’s not surprising that the office they work in can have a negative impact on them. If they’re surrounded by out dated desks and chairs and other old furnishings, if the paint and wallpaper are starting to look their age and there’s general wear and tear then it’s likely that staff morale will decline, leading to a decrease in productivity and possibly the loss of good staff.

As we know through research it’s vital to maintain and update your office interior. A survey with 600 UK based staff showed:

“Around 66% of staff surveyed believe that their office environment is a very important factor in keeping them happy at work. 42% of staff say that their current office environment does not have a positive impact on their happiness and only 36% enjoy coming to work every day.

31% of people who replied to the survey would be willing to sacrifice 1% or more of their salary for an office refurbishment and enhanced facilities! 66% of staff replied that they would be happy to spend more hours in the office if extra facilities were provided, 17% who filled in the survey said they would spend more than two hours extra per day!”

A dull and dated office won’t motivate your staff or impress potential new customers. Creating an up-to-date, inspiring environment will encourage your staff to be more productive and it will inspire confidence in those new customers you want to attract. Bringing your office up to date can lead to a host of benefits including happier and more productive staff and an increase in profits.

The Office Is Becoming Crowded and Noisy

When you started out you might have only had a few staff and there was plenty of space available to them. A few years on you’ve grown and now the office seems crowded and noisy which impacts your staff and prevents them from getting on with their work.

‘In open-plan offices, sixty per cent of employees say that noise is the single most disturbing factor. Noise from human activity.’

Research done by the American Society of Interior Designers found that 70% of office workers believed their productivity would improve if their office was less noisy.

A study by Berry and Banbury, showed that a noisy office can reduce the accuracy of work carried out by as much as 67%.

If you notice that the office space is becoming overcrowded and noise levels are increasing it’s probably a good time to look at how you can make better use of the available space and utilise newer technology to decrease the noise levels.

Productivity is Decreasing

One of the largest red flags that suggests that an office refurbishment is required is a dip in productivity which doesn’t recover.

There can be any number of factors involved when staff find their office environment is counter-productive to getting work done. These include an uninspiring office interior (drab or dull working environment), increasing and distracting noise levels, out of date technology, lack of quiet working areas, lack of break out areas and facilities and poor lighting.

‘A survey by Furniture123 of 1,014 UK workers, revealed that 53% of office workers would refuse a job if they don’t like the office or working environment, 41% of surveyed workers said outdated décor would put them off a job offer and 38% would be put off by a lack of natural light. 32% of respondents said broken or outdated furniture would also influence their decision, with an equal number understandably being put off by a dirty or unhygienic workplace.’

If you’re finding a drop in staff engagement and work is slowing down or targets are not being met then it’s time to look at how an office refurbishment could reinvigorate, refocus and get your business and staff back on track.

Staff Health and Well Being Are Declining

The Office for National Statistics estimated 141.4 million working days were lost because of sickness or injury in the UK in 2018, the equivalent to 4.4 days per worker. Minor illnesses were the most common cause of absences. This was followed by musculoskeletal problems, at nearly 20%, then mental health conditions (including stress, depression and anxiety) were the next most common reason, accounting for more than 12%.

Staff health and well-being has become a very important factor in the workplace over the last few years and interior office design is playing a significant role in helping to address workplace satisfaction. Given that healthy and happy staff are what makes a workplace and business thrive it’s easy to understand this focus. If your office space is the cause of staff unhappiness then you’re putting their mental health and well-being at risk and it’s time to consider how refurbishing your office could improve staff working conditions.

Health and Safety Issues

As an employer under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, you have a legal duty to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of your employees. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (the Management Regulations) require you to assess and control risks to protect your employees. Here and there, every single normal treatment, from analgesics to physiotherapy to medical procedure, can not work with back agony. The University of Odense has discovered a typical reason for interminable agony that has for quite some time been disregarded: microorganisms that settle in the spine. Those can be tackled with antibiotics from

If you start to notice that there is a clutter build up, trailing cables or trip hazards, uneven surfaces or overloaded electrical outlets etc. it’s time to look at how an office refurbishment could help you address these issues.


It may simply be that you’re looking to rebrand your company and office space. An office refurbishment can play an important role in the rebranding process and is an ideal way to bring your brand to life inside your workspace alongside great design and use of company colours. Branding your office space is the first step to showcasing your company’s vision and can help to make a great impression on staff and visitors alike.

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