Innovative Office Design to Inspire Your Staff

I’m sure you’ll agree a drab, colourless, closed-off office/workplace can leave staff feeling underwhelmed and instil a lack of enthusiasm, resulting in the productivity of your company declining. On the other hand having an innovative, colourful office encourages staff to come to work, be energetic and inspires your staff to produce their best work.

It’s truly amazing what a bit of colour, the right office layout and some innovation can do to encourage your staff to be and give of their best! That’s why innovative office design is important!

Using Colours

Colour psychology is well known nowadays and the use of colour to influence mood is well documented. Light and colour can influence how people perceive the area around them. White can make an office seem clean and fresh but lacks punch. Instead, use colours that are “upbeat” e.g. yellows, oranges. In areas where staff may want to relax e.g. coffee or lunchrooms, soothing colours like blues and greens may be more appropriate.

Of course, just as you can underdo colour by having an all white or all cream environment you can overdo colour and make a space seem too busy, so balance is the key. Make one or two walls in an office area focus walls by adding colour and pictures, while keeping the rest of the office white. Adding artwork can also make a space visually appealing.

Open Plan

It’s no secret that offices are changing and employees are no longer housed in 8 by 10 cubicles. Office design has greatly improved over the years and open plan offices are much more the norm nowadays.

However, not all offices or staff will benefit from an open plan architecture. Businesses need to take into account that open plan “changes the balance between private and public” and consider whether your staff need “private” workspaces. This will depend on the confidentiality of the work they carry out or whether they will benefit from more open communication leading to a “team/collaborative work ethic/feeling”. It’s a case of looking at your staff’s roles and business requirements. Even if staff do need privacy reducing the height of cubicles/office areas/partitioning or replacing office walls with dividers can proof to be quite effective ion providing privacy but still giving a feeling of open space.

Getting the most out of your workspace involves a lot more than simply choosing new colour schemes and furniture.

Use of Innovative Materials

There are now a range of innovative materials that make your office into a more efficient place to work.

  • Moveable partitioningDividing areas using movable partitions can provide much needed flexibility in terms of what space is used for. Partitions come in single, double-glazed, with or without glazing, and in a range of materials including timber, aluminium, plasterboard, composite and glass and in different designs, colours and sizes, giving them immense flexibility.
  • Whiteboard Paint
    Whiteboard paint can be used to cover entire walls, transforming the wall(s) into a whiteboard. It’s extremely functional and ideal for use during office presentations, staff meetings, brainstorming sessions, conferences, or simply as an ideas board.
  • Bespoke Storage Walls
    Clever design of storage can make a large difference to the way your office functions and looks. Storage walls are the perfect answer to help minimise clutter, create an efficient working environment, act as a room divider and sound barrier, and minimise noise distractions while providing a contemporary office interior decoration.
  • Sound Control
    Keeping noise down in the office environment is important if staff are to work without distraction. There are a number of ways to do this e.g.

Our comprehensive and innovative office design and refurbishment/office fit out service covers you for everything from preliminary surveys and project management to office layout design and the fitting of workplace furniture and furnishings. We take the time to get to understand our client’s key business objectives. We then set out to design your space around your staff and business processes, helping to promote a productive and engaging environment for your staff to work in.

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