Kent and London Office Interiors – What’s Best – Colour or Neutral?

White is crisp and clean and looks great on hospital walls but if your office walls are white then it’s time to think about some colour. When it comes to Kent and London office interiors colour is important. Colour plays a major role in portraying your brand in the right light, setting the scene, workplace effectiveness and employee outlook. Colour is useful in creating ambience and mood. From colour feature walls to furniture and flooring to carpets and artwork, each element plays a role in creating a particular look.

Historically office walls were often white or grey in colour, neutral colours that that didn’t inspire or stimulate. Over the past few years colour is beginning to come to the fore and companies are looking to research and studies which show that introducing colour into the workplace in a controlled and defined way can dramatically improve the workplace environment. More and more companies are beginning to think about using bolder colours in their designs – often colours that are in their branding, with a view to creating a much more vibrant look.

The Power Of Colour In Kent and London Office Interiors

There have been a number of studies which have looked at how colour impacts the work environment. These studies have been undertaken by a great many universities and companies looking to analyse how the use of simple use of colour can affect business ROI and productivity.

One such study was undertaken by the University of Texas. This study looked at the impact of colour on productivity within three groups of admin staff in three different environments where each room they worked in was painted a different colour. The colours were red, aqua and white. The results from the study showed that some people were distracted by the colour red, others were able to “block out” the colour; the majority of people felt comfortable in the aqua painted room which lent itself to a more calming atmosphere while being less sterile than the white rooms. Interestingly the admin staff in the white room where more likely to make mistakes in the task set.

Nancy Kwallek who ran the study commented “White doesn’t help us be productive, and most work environments are white, off-white, or gray. There have been studies that asked worker preference about environment and colour, and the majority felt they liked to work in a blue or blue-green environment.”

Many companies are coming to realise that colour is a very important part of their office refurbishment/redesign. Even NASA carried out an extensive review of literature on color to determine which colors and color combinations would create the most seemingly spacious, pleasant, and productive environment for the habitation module.

What Colours Are Right For Your Kent and London Office Interiors?

From this and other studies it’s clear that colours can elicit a variety of emotions which affect productivity and mood. Here are some common colour choices and what research has shown to be their likely effect:


Red is a very powerful colour. It’s bright and bold and is associated with romance in fact it’s been shown in studies to stimulate the pulse and raise blood pressure!

A study by the University of British Columbia showed that the colour red can help increase performance in employees who have detail-oriented assignments. So although red may not be the first colour a company will turn to as part of their design scheme its worth considering especially if it’s part of their branding and used sparingly to act as a highlight to lift a room.


Blue is a calm, cool and focused colour, commonly used in workplaces where it promotes communication, trust, and efficiency.

Strong blues help stimulate thought and softer blues help calm the mind and aid concentration. It helps people with creativity by opening the mind to new ideas. When brainstorming is required a blue room will aid in this endeavour. It also acts as a great colour to aid in complex tasks where concentration is required to complete them.


Yellow is sunny, bright and often associated with sunshine. Yellow can lift spirits and confidence and is often linked to positive emotions like happiness, optimism and excitement. It’s commonly used in the creative industry to help inspire employees who work in creative fields to come up with new, innovative ideas.

However too much yellow can give rise to anxiety. Therefore it may be prudent to use yellow as a highlight colour only.


Similar to blue, green is seen as a calming colour that promotes balance. Green reminds us of nature and the outdoors. Given that we know that human beings are biologically drawn to nature, utilising the colour green in the workplace can have a significant impact on the creativity and productivity of staff.

As well as an increase in productivity incorporating green elements into a refurbishment or office design e.g. through the use of green plants, feature walls, artwork etc. can also lead to improvements in staff health and well-being. Incorporating green into the built environment has been demonstrated to reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, whilst increasing productivity and creativity.


A combination of yellow and red, orange is a stimulating, fun and warm colour. It’s an inviting, bright colour that instils positivity and helps us to look on the bright side. Orange is a very social colour, helping people to open up and improving their communication. Orange also inspires us to be active and energetic. It’s therefore a great highlight colour that when used sparingly helps us to complete tasks.


The colour Purple has a long association with royalty and power and its use in a work environment can lend a feeling of luxury. It has been shown to engender a serene and calm atmosphere which encourages contemplation and meditation.

Used in small quantities it can be a great device in rooms where quiet and relaxation are important e.g. in break room areas or in spaces where quiet work is important. Too much purple can lead to introspection.


While gray is a neutral colour it can be draining and quite suppressive as it lacks energy. It can be used in small amounts and offset by brighter colours such as those above.

Autumn Colours For Your Kent and London Office Interiors

If you’re looking to make changes to your office colours now you or are undertaking a new office refurbishment you could take your inspiration from autumn colours when it comes to putting together your office colour scheme. With the wide variety of autumnal hues to choose from your office will not only look great but will be “on trend” for longer.

From russet reds of leaves and cranberries to pumpkin and pear yellows to violet and purples of figs and blueberries there is a kaleidoscope of colour palettes to suit any business. You should also check out one of our previous articles on autumn/winter interior design ideas for your Kent and London office interiors.

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