Kent and London Office Refurbishments

When it comes to Kent and London office refurbishments, the only boundaries are your imagination (and budget). We’ve written about it before – how many companies are embracing office design and the latest studies on how to make the very best of their office space.

A Few Examples:

Google lead the way in terms of innovative office design using sometimes quirky, always inspirational design ideas to ensure staff have work space areas where they can be inspired.

Lego’s London office has divided their office space into flexible work zones. People choose to work in whatever setting best supports the work they are doing. Of course having Lego all around incorporated into the office design probably helps give the office space a fun feel. Lego’s COO and executive vice-president was quoted as saying, “The lack of fixed seating is a very tangible consequence but the biggest impact is that the traditional physical concept of a ‘department’ has been dissolved, which enables cross-organisational collaboration even more than we are used to.”

Inventionland wants to encourage employee creativity so they’ve gone beyond “the norm” to encourage their staff to let their creativity fly. Their 70,000 sq. ft. facility is made up of with 15 different office layouts from a pirate ship to a giant robot to race tracks, and a castle! With a company motto of “The best work comes out of the spirit of play.” Its little wonder they’ve gone the extra mile to ensure their staff have amazing an workspace.

When it comes to London office refurbishments Innocent is another great example of innovative design. The ground floor open plan office areas are carpeted with fake grass and there is a large picnic area and a testing room behind glass patio doors. A red telephone box and a giant leaver at the exit which is labelled ‘last leaver pull the leaver’ to power down the whole building take pride of place! The offices are spread over two floors, a lower floor and a mezzanine level above. On the mezzanine level, the meeting rooms are all named after different vegetables and on the top floor there is a diner-style meeting room and a terrace.

Of course when you have an unlimited budget you can do just about anything but that’s not to say that smaller businesses across Kent and London can’t make their office space work for them in a way that meets the needs of staff, encourages creativity and productivity while embracing the understanding that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Why Is Well Designed Office Space Important?

From our years of experience in carrying out Kent and London office refurbishments and the many articles, studies and surveys today that show office space can have a big impact on staff and how they perform in the workplace we know that good office designs and well thought out refurbishments can play a major role productivity and creativity e.g.

  • A report by Leesman (PDF) entitled ‘The Next 250k’, looked at how workplaces support employee and organisational performance. Leesman’s seven-year assessment of workplace effectiveness, evaluated results from 276,422 employees across 2,160 workplaces in 67 countries looking at five key factors influencing workplace performance. It came to the conclusion that “too many workplaces that are simply not fit for purpose and that represents a huge missed opportunity for business leaders. We hope that the key central findings can help more organisations create better, more productive environments.”
  • An article (PDF) called The Office Renaissance highlighted the fact that “people are rejecting the uninspiring sea of sameness that has come to be known as “the office.” Standardised for efficiency, this uniform approach limits potential for inspiration, expression and social connection with others. This office rebellion is causing organisations to rethink their workplaces — from a singular focus on efficiency toward a pluralistic approach that enriches the emotional, cognitive and physical well-being of people.”
  • In a survey carried out by Peldon Rose, 600 UK-based employees were asked questions to gauge what they thought of their current working environment and whether they were “happy”. Some of the responses should get businesses thinking about whether they are doing enough to provide a working environment which motivates and benefits their workforce and how their next commercial office refurbishment can address some of the issues highlighted in the survey.

Let’s Look At Some Office Refurbishment Ideas

So when it comes to your office refurbishment what are the types of things you should be considering? Irrespective of whether your big or small, or whether your Kent of London office refurbishments has a small or large budget here are a few tips to consider to transform your place of work:

Glass Walls or Partitions

Glass is a great material which is very popular for use in offices, showrooms and retail outlets. It’s modern and attractive and helps keep office areas bright. Glass partitions offer a great way to divide up office space while providing soundproofing. Glass can be overlaid with frosted window film or branding to give an element of privacy and create a stunning effect.

Case Studies:

Office Mezzanine

Installing a mezzanine floor provides additional office space provide a practical and stylish choice for commercial premises (from space that’s currently just taking up the ceiling void) enabling you to almost double your floor space.

Where you’re running out of space installing a mezzanine floor may avoid you having to relocate. Or if you don’t need the same for your business there will be plenty of other businesses around who will want to rent the space from you providing you with another income stream. It can not only provide offices but store provide which would form the basis for a separate office, with storage facility. Not only would this give the team at Arron Services its own substantial office space, but it would provide a large rentable office with storage facility for a fellow business.

Case Study:

Office Fit Out with Mezzanine Floor Installation For Kent IT Firm

Bespoke Office Furniture

When you’re looking at office furniture off-the-shelf can be exactly what you’re looking for but you may find that in some circumstances a bespoke piece of furniture is required.

Perhaps you need a bespoke reception desk or a boardroom table or maybe built-in storage walls to utilise spaces that would otherwise go unused? Bespoke furniture can make a statement. By going bespoke you’ll have something that’s unique and tailored to your requirements.

Case Study:

Our Latest Office Refurbishment in London

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