How To Plan a Kent or London Office Refurbishment While the Premises Are Occupied

When it comes to Kent or London office refurbishment very few businesses have the luxury or moving out of their premises while their building or office space is being refurbished. Here are a few tips to help you minimise any disruption during your office refurbishment project

Does Your London Office Design Attract and Retain Younger Generation Employees?

Did you know that your London office design can have a big impact on whether you can attract and retain younger employees? In a study by London Loves Business it’s clear that millennials place more emphasis on working in an office space that is aesthetically pleasing and has the right amenities

JBH Refurbishments Donates to Staplehurst Community Projects

JBH Refurbishments travel far and wide providing commercial fit outs in London, Kent and across the wider South East, but like the saying goes, ‘charity starts at home’, JBH Refurbishments has donated an impressive £2,800 to special events and projects in their local community of Staplehurst

The Activity-Based Workplace – The Evolving Office Design Trend

The activity-based workplace is the office design trend that is revolutionising the traditional office environment – offering employees the option to work in areas that best suit their personal needs in order to be more productive. The concept is designed to remove the pressures of the traditional office environment

How Your Kent or London Office Design Can Tackle the Top Killers of Productivity

Find out more about how JBH Refurbishments can work with you to provide a Kent or London office design which helps you to overcome the top 10 workplace productivity killers

Post-Holiday Office Refurbishment Trends

JBH Refurbishments has observed notable office refurbishment trends in Kent, London and the South East after each holiday season, but particulary in September. We look at the possible answers and provide advice to those now planning a post holiday office refurbishment.

Why You Need an Office Refurbishment Project Manager When Planning a Kent or London Office Refurbishment

Planning an office refurbishment is no small thing and may be the biggest expenditure that a business incurs. It can’t be undertaken lightly. An office refurbishment project manager is essential to the smooth running and successful implementation of an office refurbishment.

The Truth About Office Air Conditioning

Office Air Conditioning can be the topic of many debates among colleagues, so we ask, what is the true optimum working temperature in an office environment? Is it good for you? How does it increase office security? How does it work? What are the benefits?

Is Comfort A Top Priority For Your Kent or London Office Design?

We know from numerous studies that office design can lead to improvements in office productivity through improvements in the health and well-being of staff in the workplace. But when it comes to office refurbishments is comfort one of your top priorities in your Kent or London office design?

JBH is the School Ambassador for FIS iBuiltThis Competition

JBH Refurbishments is the ambassador of the FIS iBuiltThis competition following the success of Design the Best Classroom Ever competition. Both initiatives share the desire to inspire and reward a passion for construction.

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Office design and layout planning is all part of the JBH Refurbishments office interior fit out service. For professional office interior design and layout planning, please contact the interior fit out team at JBH Refurbishments.

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JBH Refurbishments can supply a range of quality office furniture including bespoke desks and tables, reception desks and conference tables and meeting room furniture.



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