Office Design Considerations For Kent and London Office Fit Outs

Knowing what a business is looking to achieve from an office fit out feeds into the office design considerations including space planning, lighting levels, acoustics and air conditioning

Kent and London Office Fit Outs

In this article we look at what an office fit out is, why businesses look to carry out fit outs and the types of office fit-outs that are available from Shell and Core, Cat A and Cat B and Turnkey to Lease Dilapidation Works

Guide on Workplace Hygiene Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Amid fears of a Coronavirus outbreak in the UK, hygienic workplace specialists, JBH Refurbishments, has provided its own guide on workplace hygiene to maintain a healthy working environment.

Your Kent and London Office Relocation and Office Refurbishment Plans

Most Kent and London companies carry out an office relocation at least one in their life time. It’s never an easy decision to make but there are certain conditions where you’re only option is to move to a new building

JBH Refurbishments Guide to Office Refurbishment

If you’re in the process of planning an office refurbishment it’s a good idea to have a detailed plan in place. This article covers what you need to think about and what you need to do to

How To Tell When Its Time For A Kent or London Office Refurbishment

How can you tell it’s time for a Kent or London office refurbishment? In this article we cover some of the most common signs that your office space needs a refurbishment

Advice on Maintaining a Healthy Workplace From Office Fit Out Companies in London

Office fit out companies in London, like JBH Refurbishments are striving to enhance workplace health and wellbeing through ergonimc and sustainable office design.

Christmas Is the Perfect Time For A Kent or London Office Refurbishment, Contact Your Fit Out Contractor

Christmas can be the perfect time to think about contacting your fit out contractor to plan that Kent or London office refurbishment that you’ve been considering for some time

Doing Christmas Differently in 2019

We’re doing things a little differently this year and hope you don’t mind. Instead of sending our clients the usual Christmas card, we have donated to our local homeless night shelter

What’s An Interior Fit Out and What Does An Interior Fit Out Contractor Do?

In many articles, you’ll see the term Kent or London “interior fit out contractor”. In this article we’ll explain an interior fit out contractor’s role and responsibilities in an office refurbishment and why an interior fit out contractor is important to your business

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We’re experienced at working to tight deadlines & budgets. We treat each commercial fit-out with the same professionalism, while delivering quality results each time.

office design and layout

Office Design and Layout

Office design and layout planning is all part of the JBH Refurbishments office interior fit out service. For more information contact our interior fit out team.

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Workplace Furniture

JBH Refurbishments can supply a range of quality office furniture including bespoke desks and tables, reception desks and conference tables and meeting room furniture.



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