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For 2020 JBH Refurbishments is launching office planting as part of our office interior design and fit out services. Ahead of the launch, we have teamed up with one of the UK’s leading planting experts to deliver a Christmas tree ordering and decoration service for clients throughout London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Whether you are the type of business that makes a big splash with your decorations, or you prefer to keep it low key, you can find the right tree and decorations with JBH Refurbishments. These are the easy steps to ordering your Office Christmas Tree:

  • Simply select the size of your real tree: 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 18ft, 20ft.
  • Do you want it fully decorated by a professional Christmas tree decorator?
  • Would you prefer lights only, leaving you to do the rest?
  • Alternatively, you can opt for no decorations at all

Office Christmas Tree Decoration

When selecting the full decoration service, you can choose your colour scheme to match your office interior design and your company branding. Here are the available colour schemes:

  • Brown, copper and gold
  • Green and gold
  • All white
  • Red and gold
  • Purple and silver
  • Blue and silver
  • All gold
  • All silver
  • Natural
  • Silver and gold
  • Rose gold

Office Christmas Tree Decoration baubles

Christmas Tree Stand

Once you have selected the colour, you can decide what you would like on the base of  your Christmas tree. Do you want a basic stand, which includes a reservoir for ensuring your tree can be well water, therefore, maximise its life expectancy? Would you like Santa’s helpers to leave a few decorative presents under the tree? Unfortunately, this is for affect only.

The final step is to decide how many trees you would like and if you need any other size trees. It couldn’t be simpler!

Where To Display Your Office Christmas Tree

Before ordering your tree its important to decide where it will be displayed. Accurately measure the space to order a tree that will fit perfectly.

We suggest that you opt for a space that is prominent for all to see, such as a large reception area or an open plan office, where everyone can enjoy its festive appearance. If you have several office floors or multiple workspaces, you may want to consider ordering additional trees or decorating your office with other decorations.

For health and safety, please ensure you opt for to locate your tree near to an electrical socket to plug in the lights without leaving electrical cabling trailing across the office floor.  Also, be careful not to let the tree obstruct a pathway, workstation, office equipment or doorways, which can be annoying to staff, but also damage the tree.

Christmas Decorations To Suit Your Office Interior Design

How you decorate your office this Christmas will largely depend on your business. For some, Christmas decorations are an afterthought, with a last-minute Amazon delivery of baubles and lights. For others the office Christmas decs are well-planned, with the Christmas tree pre-ordered direct from Norway before its even been dug out of the ground, and ornate wreaths donning the halls.

Regardless of your approach, your Christmas decorations should compliment your office interior design. We have compiled our top tips for decorating your office this Christmas to suit your desired finish and interior design. Take a look:

  1. Corporate – Businesses that want to uphold a strictly professional environment throughout the festive period should limit their colour scheme to compliment the office interior design and the company branding. For example, if your corporate colours are blue, consider a range of blue hues combined with silver and white.
  2. Elegance – Clear pea-lights offer a touch of elegance to a contemporary and professional space. For a striking yet elegant look, drape strings of pea lights from the ceiling, or hang on walls.
  3. Creative – If you are not restricted by a colour scheme, why not encourage a bit of creativity with some competitive festive fun. Ask each team member to bring in their own homemade decorations to display on their desks and get the boss to select a winner.
  4. Minimalist – To dress a mimimalist office space for Christmas, use clear lights, bare real trees planted in natural baskets, introduce simple Christmas shapes, hang stars from the ceiling or window, fill jars with lights, pine cones and baubles, dress stairs with seasonal foliage and decorative sticks.
  5. Industrial – For the popular industrial office design theme you can’t go wrong by using festoon lighting, carnival stars and Christmas tree shape lights, grey, black, silver and copper tree decoration. Use wooden crates under the tree to replace the traditional present.

The Post-Christmas Office Clean-Up

When Christmas is over and you’re faced with taking down the office Christmas decorations, its very likely you will notice marks on the walls. It might just be time to redecorate or you might be considering an office refurbishment. If so, the JBH Refurbishments team is here to help.

We can provide a comprehensive office redecoration service, or if you are looking to reinvent your workplace in 2020, let us quote your office refurbishment plans.

JBH Refurbishments is a reputable office fit out contractor for clients throughout London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Our project management team can offer professional advice on your design and layout, as well as structural changes. We can take care of every aspect of your Kent and London office refurbishment, including:

Coming Soon

New in 2020 JBH Refurbishments will also be offering all styles of office planting to create an impactful office design. From planting walls, living pictures, planting racks, to containers and office cabinets with integrated planting troughs, our office planting solutions are affordable and bold.

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JBH Refurbishments have over 25 years as an interior fit out contractor across Kent, London, Surrey and Sussex. To find out more about JBH Refurbishment’s 2020 office planting solutions or for more information about our Christmas tree delivery and decoration service, please contact the JBH Refurbishments team.

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