Office Interior Design Ideas for Autumn Winter 2017

Office Interior Design Trends for Autumn/Winter 2017

Office Interior Design Ideas and Advice for Autumn/Winter 2017

If you’re looking for inspiration for your office interior design to bring it bang up-to-date, here are some ideas and advice on achieving the ultimate autumn/winter office interior design for 2017!

Autumn is firmly in the air and we are loving the new autumn/winter interior design trends for 2017. It’s all about deep vivacious colours, monochromes, plant life, geometric shapes and accents of nature.

Let’s Get Deep

Autumn is usually always about oranges and browns, but not this year! Contrasting colour palette, comprising of deep shades will bring your office interior up-to-date. Consider a combination of neutral grey and beige tones with a deep purple, dark blue, mustard, emerald or rustic red for your workplace.

Colour blocking with contrasting shades is incredibly popular this season. Why not use these deep shades to create a feature wall in your office, reception area or meeting room? We strongly advise using a professional decorator for this type of décor, as precision really is the key to achieving a corporate look.

Nature Calls

In stark contrast to the deep and vibrant colour palette, a combination of warm neutral off whites, soft creams and a full spectrum of greys – from pale dove grey to dark slate – are also key autumn/winter interior design trend for 2017.

This colour pallet would suit a smaller office interior and provide a warm and welcoming finish.

You can introduce neutral shades by:

  • Painting the walls with pale natural tones
  • Introduce natural floor coverings – a woven carpet or wood effect flooring
  • Use wooden desks, or introduce oak hot desk work stations
  • Wicker pendent lighting can help create zones, such as breakout areas and waiting areas
  • Introduce a neutral sofa for informal meetings to create a homely appeal

Geometric Shapes

The geometric shape has been on the scene for some time now, in both the interior design and fashion worlds so you will not go wrong by introducing this to your office interior. Geometric shapes depict a stylish and fashionable office. You can introduce geometric shapes with:

  • Fabricated wall covering and wall art
  • Bespoke Geometric floor tiling
  • Geometric paint work (a professional decorator is a must for this look)
  • Bespoke office furniture
  • Some off-the-shelf office furniture also features stylish GEO angles
  • In an office kitchen, tea point or washroom, why not incorporate Geometric mosaic tiles or bespoke hygienic cladding to really make an impact

Top Tips for a Trendy Office Interior Design

When taking on an office interior design project for an office refurbishment, it’s important you remain decisive and follow through your ideas with complete conviction.

Successful interior design only works if you stay true to your theme and colour pallet. This is especially important in an office or commercial property because your office refurbishment will showcase your business to clients, suppliers and visitors.

Consistency is the key if you are going to make your interior design make the best impression. We have gathered a few of our top tips for ensuring your office interior design project is executed successfully and on trend.

Review your Office Layout

Before you begin an office interior design project, it’s really important that you review your existing layout. If it’s not working for you and your colleagues, it can be almost certainly be altered. Here are some examples to consider:

  • Reposition the desk layout
  • Introduce new desks, office furniture and possibly hot desking facilities
  • Make an allowance for a dedicated meeting room or breakout zone
  • Office partitioning systems and stud wall partitioning for individual offices or meeting rooms – choose from a wide variety of glass partitioning, partially glazed, stud walls and moving walls
  • Expand the main office space by knocking through to underutilised rooms

The office layout will ultimately impact on the productivity of your team and the interior design, so it needs to be well thought out.

Be Consistent with the Colour Pallet

Once the office layout has been decided, you can move on to the decoration. In the first instance decide if you are going to be bold and make a statement with your colours pallet, or if you prefer to keep the walls subtle and introduce statement pieces, such as artwork, furniture, flooring or a trendy tea point.

The colour pallet should reflect the nature of your business and your brand hues. However, you can also introduce fashionable interior design shapes and mostifs to keep your office on trend.

Example: A wellbeing business would suit natural and calming tones, but a creative agency could make a bold statement with colour. Furthermore, ensure your colours compliment your branding. If logo is purple, white and blue, try use a colour pallet using these shades or complimentary colours.

Make a Statement

The offices that make the BEST impact of their visitors are those that make a design statement. If you want white office walls, why not have all your office furniture white too, then introduce a colour floor, or bold wall art.

A focal point is essential to a trendy office fitout and you can create this in a number of ways:

  • A comfortable or trendy seating area/breakout zone
  • Wall art – vinyl printed wall artwork, bespoke paintwork
  • Office furniture can make a statement – be it natural wood or bold colours
  • Office tea points sometimes are located in the main office. You can get creative and make a big impact

Adjust the Lighting

Create a light and bright office for your team with suitable office lighting. LED spots and suspended ceiling lighting panels provide the essential lighting, while lamps, downlighter, uplighter and pendent light shades can define designated areas. This use of lighting can separate a meeting space, breakout zone, office kitchen, reception or showroom, without the need of walls, which can be especially beneficial in large open plan office fit outs.

Be Practical

Cleanliness and tidiness are super important in an office. This is a place utilised by people every day and so it needs to be easy to clean and have sufficient storage facilities. When planning an office refurbishment, we always consider the practical needs of an office. There are a number of ways to ensure your incorporate practicality within your office interior design, such as:

  • Storage walls offer floor to ceiling office storage facilities, ideal for files, products, stationary or equipment
  • Cap and cove flooring in areas that particularly require high hygiene levels, such as the washroom, office kitchen and office tea point
  • Hygienic cladding is not only a practical wall surface for a kitchen, washroom or shower room, but also comes in many different colours and patterns. You can even have bespoke hygienic cladding made with your own design or picture
  • Cable management for all computer equipment is a key consideration. Cables can be managed with wall trunking and integrated into office desks, but the electrical installation will also play a key role in the management of office cables
  • When some office workers spend more time sat in front of a screen more than they do sleeping, it’s essential they have comfortable seating. An office chair should provide suitable back support and be adjustable to suit individual needs

If you would benefit from any further advice on office interior design ideas, feel free to discuss your requirements with one of our Interior Project Managers on 0333 207 0339 or drop us an email.



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