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Office Interior Design Inspiration – Nature

Office interior design inspiration comes from many different sources. Nature, culture, historical trends, interests, hobbies, science, technology, education, and industries can all offer inspiration.

The source of your office interior design inspiration will entirely depend on your business values. You will need to consider:

  • The type of company you are
  • What you stand for
  • How you want to be portrayed

In this blog, we are exploring the office interiors that are inspired by nature and sustainable living. No, this isn’t just an article about office planting and green colour schemes! Nature offers so much more than that, including:

  • An array of shapes
  • Light
  • Shadows
  • Textures
  • Seasonal hues that effortlessly compliment one another

Office Interior Design Inspiration & Embodying Brand Values

A company that practises sustainable living, would look to nature and recycled materials to develop a scheme that meets their company ethos. We couldn’t provide you with a better example of this than the Timberland offices in Stratham, New Hampshire, USA. This interior encapsulates everything an office interior should!

Before we get stuck into the office interior, it’s important to understand the company behind the design. Timberland says that, “Hard work, innovation, and a love of the great outdoors are all big parts of the Timberland story.”

This is evident across the company’s:

  • Mission statement: “To equip people to make a difference in the world”
  • Their corporate responsibility: “A Green Future is a Better Future”
    • The brand’s commitment to plant 50 million trees by 2025
  • Their slogan: ‘Nature Needs Heroes’

Each and every part of their philosophy and commitment to nature and community through fashion is clearly echoed across their marketing and communications.

How Timerland Delivered Clear Messaging Through Its Interior Design

With such a strong identity and clear messaging already in place, we can only imagine the office interior design brief for the Timberland offices would have been evident from the very beginning. In our minds the interior architects ticked the boxes at every level. Here are some of examples of how we think those core values of nature and community were deliver, but not in an obvious and crude way:

  • Reflective materials make use of the natural light
  • The speckled light panels in the ceiling mimic the light flooding through the leaves on the trees
  • Wooden panels imitate the branches of trees
  • Living walls display the brand’s heritage timeline
  • Digitals walls feature the ‘real heroes changing the world’
  • Real trees surround breakout spaces for collaboration and project-based working
  • Natural wood flooring and panelling are consistently used throughout
  • Pops of Timberland’s signature orange feature in the form of furniture and various framework

Aside from the general design, the layout works as a collaborative and engaging workplace, with multiple places to work and meet. The breakout spaces accommodate all size groups, and there are partitioned meeting rooms for when privacy is needed.

Natural Shapes Combined with Cultural Influences

Office interior design inspiration can come from natures landscapes. Shapes, colours and textures from our natural world can trigger the most creative minds into developing exceptional office interiors. Take the offices of Smart Dubai for example, which encapsulates the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to make Dubai the happiest city on earth.

This office design concept is inspired by the desert winds rippling over Dubai’s sand dunes. Wooden panelling is used throughout the ceiling to mimic the shapes of sand waves. In some areas it cascades to the floor to form zones, instead of using traditional office partitioning. The panelling is not solely used as a design statement, but to absorb sound reverberations throughout the very open plan office.

Planting too is a key feature within this office interior. As well as continuing the natural scheme, the plants help to break up the muted tones, and deliver a natural means of ventilation. Thus, supporting the office’s air conditioning system. Finally, we should point out the use of rope; could this be a nod to Dubai’s import and export routes?

This is a pioneering concept, yet its source of inspiration is simplistic. Evidently, some of the best ideas are formed from the most humble beginnings.

Green and Luscious On a Budget

We have looked at two grand examples of office interior designs inspired by nature. But, what if you are on a moderate budget?

The offices of British Ecological Society in London are a good example of an accessible finish for all budgets. Though the style may not be the most unique, there is a clear understanding that nature and sustainability are the core this design. Amplifying the natural messaging is the moss covered logo, green hues and natural wooden furnishings.

The colour palette is limited to green yellow and grey hues in this office interior. These are off set by the stark white walls and ceiling. Furthermore, the wooden finishes provide extra depth and complement the natural tones.

It’s also worth noting how the green flooring and the wooden shelves break up the open space. Combined, they create zones without the need for partitioning. This is a technique we often advocate in small open plan offices for meeting and breakout spaces.

Do You Need Some Office Interior Design Inspiration?

Knowing where to begin when designing your office interior is challenging. It needs to encapsulate the wow factor and embody your business values. If nature is not at the core of your business, it can still offer inspiration from its colours, shapes and textures.

We often create mood boards for our office fit out clients to demonstrate:

  • Colour palettes
  • Furnishings
  • Decor
  • Finishes

This is all part of the discovery process. First, we will learn about your business. Then, we will brainstorm a range of ideas. Finally, we will present you with a selections of schemes for your office interior design.

As a taster of this journey, we have created two mood boards that are inspired by nature in winter. As you will see, one single season can deliver several contrasting colour schemes. These can be delivered using various finishes and furnishings.

Winter Woodlands Interior Design Concept

office interior design inspiration nature

Winter Woodland inspired mood board.

The Winter Woodland mood board uses a predominantly black and white colour scheme inspired by birch trees and dove feathers. The accents of natural wood and tanned leather provide rich tones to produce a sophisticated and earthy look for your office interior.

Winter Sunset Interior Design Concept

office interior design inspiration nature

Winter Sunset office interior design inspiration

In stark contrast to the above, the Winter Sunset mood board has a bright and varied colour palette. Using white on the walls, you can introduce some exciting colours. In this example, we have have suggested using sunset shades -corals and yellows – for the seating, acoustic panelling and flooring. For added depth and warmth, why not introduce wooden panelling in the ceiling, just as Smart Dubai did to create zones and absorb sound.

When It Comes To office Interior Design Inspiration JBH is Here to Help!

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