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It All Happens in the Office Kitchen!

Office Kitchens and Tea Points

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of an office kitchen or tea point. Not just a place for making tea and coffee, it’s the pinnacle for office gossip, laughter, career decisions and most importantly team bonding!

They say the hub of the home is the kitchen, well that is also true of the workplace. The office kitchen is certainly not somewhere to be overlooked. It is a crucial meeting ground for staff and can also be a great place to casually entertain clients and visitors.

From an outsider’s point of view, the kitchen displays:

  • You are a company that cherishes your team
  • One that ensures they remain loyal to serve the client for as long as possible
  • You offer a quality service

For employees, the office kitchen is a place where some key life-changing decisions and discussions happen. This could be a discussion or advice surrounding:

  • a promotion
  • job change
  • romance
  • even announcing a pregnancy

The office kitchen is where colleagues discuss their future, while building friendships (often lifelong friendships).

A strong bond in the workplace is surely only a good thing. It enforces team work and can considerably improve staff retention. Your team needs the opportunity to blow off steam and bond.

The office kitchen can also be a place of inspiration. The best ideas come to mind when you brain has downtime. For example, when driving, sleeping, watching television, talking to friends and of course MAKING TEA!

What difference can an office kitchen or tea point make?

An office kitchen should be well planned and exceptionally built. Through installing the correct office kitchen or tea point you can:

  • Encourage team work
  • Improve the perception of your business work ethic
  • Ensure hardworking staff take a break
  • Offer a casual space for impromptu meetings
  • Create a place for thought and inspiration

To achieve the best results from your office kitchen or tea point, it must portray you company’s core ethics. Show your team and visitors you are a friendly business by creating a warm, welcoming, yet professional kitchen that encourages team work.

How Can You Create the Perfect Office Kitchen Installation?

When considering an office kitchen installation or refurbishment, there are a few practical things you need to consider:

  • Do you have plumbing for a sink, dishwasher, ice maker or hot/cold water dispenser?
  • What space do you have available? Will the kitchen be fitted within the office area, or do you need to create an area with office partitioning?
  • What amenities do you want to offer – kettle, dishwasher, hot water tap, fridge, oven, freezer, wine fridge, microwave? These items will each need power, so we need to make sure the correct sockets are available.
  • Lighting! Create a contemporary mood with LED strips below the cupboards, within the kick boards or flooring. Alternatively, we can install LED lighting/spot lights within a suspended ceiling.

Office Kitchen Units

Once you have the practical elements in place, you need to consider the all-important finish. This is how you will achieve the atmosphere you desire. For example, slick gloss units are ideal for entertaining clients, especially in dark hues, as they portray a professional environment. Alternatively, if you are looking to appeal to your workforce in a friendly manor, you need to provide a relaxed space.

Coffee Shop Culture

For one company in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we integrated a coffee shop culture within their office. We developed a mock coffee shop in the middle of their office as a tea point area. Using shaker style units, wooden worktop, a chalkboard and brick-style tiles, we achieved a look that mimics some of the high street’s most favourable coffee shops.


Depending on the space you have available, it is always worth providing some sort of seating. Everyone should at some point in the day get away from their workstation and take a break. Seating also offers a place for informal or impromptu meeting among team members, thus encouraging team bonding.


The flooring in the office kitchen or around a tea point area should be durable and easy to keep clean. A vinyl or tiled floor is ideal and should last for as long as the kitchen.

Office Kitchen Installation

No matter what type of office kitchen or tea point you have fitted, it MUST be installed with precision by a qualified carpenter. At JBH Refurbishments we are incredibly strict on achieving a quality finish that will last.

Food for Thought

The kitchen or tea point is one of the most vital areas within an office. It’s important it fits your business ethics and is suitable for your team. After all, only the right impression should count!

Find out more about office kitchen and tea points on our office refurbishments page or by speaking to one of our experienced project managers on 0333 207 0339.

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