How an Office Refurbishment Can Reduce Staff Absenteeism

Refurbishing an office can go a long way towards creating a strong attendance culture at work.

For countless businesses across Kent and London, workplace absenteeism can be hugely damaging, especially for small companies. One reason why employees skip work is that they find their work-place depressing, oppressive and stifling. In an article we previously published we reported that stats published by “The Work Foundation” showed 73% of employees are not satisfied with their work environment, 51% of employees would leave their jobs because of dissatisfaction with their work environment, 85% of office staff say that their working environment inhibits their creativity and 25% of employees “have serious complaints” about their work environment.

A Transformed Office Can Transform Attitudes

Improving the working environment can transform attitudes. Carrying out an office refurbishment can go a long way towards rejuvenating your workforce, particularly if workers are involved in the design process. It’s therefore important to build time into take the refurbishment process to gather feedback from your staff. Taking the time now could save you money later.

Canvassing Opinion is Key

Pertinent questions to ask employees at the office refurbishment planning stage could be:

  • Do you dislike the current office layout and if so why?
  • How could your job here be made less stressful, in terms of your working environment?
  • What key changes made to the office suite would help you to work more efficiently, productively and happily?
  • What would you absolutely not want included in a new office design?

It’s also important to:

  • Make sure your office design is flexible enough to meet your future business requirements.
  • Take into account how much storage space you need.
  • Consider how many power, data and telephone points are required per employee? Ensure they are placed where they can be easily accessed and are convenient situated so they are close to where you plan to site desks.
  • Think about whether you require meeting, conference or breakout areas e.g. an area where staff can relax?

Don’t Rush Your Office Refurbishment

Too many companies rush into investing in an office refurbishment without properly thinking things through or trusting and acting on the advice of experts.

Sure, an overhauled office can look and feel amazing, but if it later proves to be hastily planned – without the needs of the staff being taken into account and ensuring that work requirements are met – the refurbishment could result in problems and delays and a less than satisfactory outcome could mean that you’ll be planning another refurbishment a lot sooner.

Attract Staff

It’s interesting to note that office design can play a key role in attracting the right staff to a company. From the same survey conducted by “The Work Foundation” 41% of employees say the workplace environment played a significant role in their decision as to whether to accept a job or not.

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