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Manufacturered from 10mm clear twin polycarbonate, this is a low cost alternative to the acrylic saftey screens.

These screens are water resistent, therefore can be sprayed and wiped clean for added hygiene.

The polycarbonate screen extension is lightweight and available in varying lengths to suit a wide range of desk sizes.

Estimated Delivery

The latest estimated delivery time for polycarbonate screens is 3-4 weeks. If you would like more information on leadtimes, please call our office on 0333 207 0339.

Safety Screens Cheap

Polycarbonate Screen Extensions (Adjustable brackets no screws)

The polycarbonate screen extension option includes adjustable clips that attach neatly to standard desk dividers measuring 15mm to 30mm in thickness.

Clip On Polycarbonate Safety Screen Extensions Sizes

795 (w) x 398 (h) mm £79.68 (inc. VAT) + P&P

995 (w) x 398 (h) mm £84.60 (inc. VAT) + P&P

1195 (w) x 398 (h) mm £86.52 (inc. VAT) + P&P

1395(w) x 398 (h) mm £88.44 (inc. VAT) + P&P

1495 (w) x 398 (h) mm £90.36 (inc. VAT) + P&P

1595 (w) x 398 (h) mm £92.28 (inc. VAT) + P&P

1795 (w) x 398(h) mm £94.20 (inc. VAT) + P&P

1995 (w) x 398(h) mm £98.04 (inc. VAT) + P&P

Easy Fit

Using the adjustable brackets, simply attach the supports to the top of your standard desk partition and once firmly in place, slide in the screen over the supports.

Full Height Polycarbonate Desk Dividers

The full height polycarbonate desk divider fits directly to the desk using an simple bracket. In the full height screen protector range, we offer a variety of lengths for all standard desk sizes and return screens.

Full Height Polycarbonate Screens/ Desk Dividers Sizes

790 (w) x 740 (h) mm £81.12 (inc. VAT) + P&P

990(w) x 740 (h) mm £93.60 (inc. VAT) + P&P

1190(w) x 740(h) mm £97.44 (inc. VAT) + P&P

1390 (w) x 740(h) mm £98.40 (inc. VAT) + P&P

1490 (w) x 740 (h) mm £100.92(inc. VAT) + P&P

1590(w) x 740(h) mm£107.04(inc. VAT) + P&P

1790 (w) x 740 (h) mm £133.76 (inc. VAT) + P&P

1990 (w) x 740 (h) mm £117.60 (inc. VAT) + P&P

Full Height Poly Carbonate Screen Return Sizes

800 (w) x 750 (h) mm £86.40 (inc. VAT) + P&P

900 (w) x 750 (h) mm £94.32 (inc. VAT) + P&P

1000 (w) x 750 (h) mm £96.96 (inc. VAT) + P&P

Easy Fit

The polycarbonate full height screens are provided with all the fittings you need to attach directly to your desk. Simply attach the support brackets to the desk using double sided tape and once firmly in place, slide in the screen through the supports.

Email Orders and Fitting Enquiries

If you would prefer to place your order via email, or you would like to enquire about our fitting services, please email info@jbhrefubishments.co.uk or call 0333 207 0339.

When ordering, please provide:

  • Quantity
  • Sizes
  • Product type
  • Address
  • Is installation required?
  • Do you need a bespoke service?

Returns and Refunds

Items are bespoke and made to order, therefore we can not offer a refund unless the item is faulty. In this instance we will strive to offer a replacement.

Please view our Terms and Conditions for orders HERE.

Installation Available

All JBH floor standing and desk safety screen can be easily installed. However, for large organisations placing multiple orders, JBH offers installation as part of our office fit out services – charged accordingly.

To enquire about installation for JBH safety screens and desk dividers, please contact us today on 0333 207 0339

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