End of Lease Dilapidation Works

JBH Refurbishments completes landlord and tenancy dilapidation works to restore commercial properties according to a schedule of dilapidations. When a tenant and landlord decide to part ways, the lease covenant is likely to state that the commercial property should be restored to its original state.

During the lease period, the commercial property will suffer wear and tear to some extent. In addition, the tenant may have made interior changes to suit their business. As the lease ends, the Landlord is likely to carry out a dilapidation survey to obtain costs for restoring the commercial property to its pre-lease condition. At JBH Refurbishments, we can work on behalf of the Landlord or tenant to provide preliminary dilapidation costs and complete the necessary refurbishment work.

Dilapidation Works

Our refurbishment services offer turnkey dilapidation works – from decoration and flooring to office partitioning installation and removal. Here are examples of the type of dilapidation remedial works we cover:

  • Redecoration
  • Replacement flooring
  • Washroom repairs and fit outs
  • Plumbing to remedy water leaks, malfunctioning taps, drainage, toilet cisterns
  • Small building works
  • Office partitioning installation or removal
  • Plastering and making good all wall surfaces
  • Suspended ceiling repairs and replacement ceiling tiles
  • Office kitchen and tea points (remedial works or new installation)
  • Electrical repairs and installations

Works and Costs

The end-of-lease dilapidation works and costs will ultimately depend on:

  • The commercial property size and purpose
  • If there has been a change in use that was not previously agreed
  • The wear and tear on the property during the lease period
  • Structural changes made during the lease period
  • Internal alterations carried out during the lease period
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Why Choose JBH for Your Dilapidation Remedial Works?

We understand the dilapidation process is not always straight forward. Any remedial and refurbishment work needs to be treated with accuracy and attention to detail to avoid any future dispute between a landlord and tenant.

Our commercial property services cover every aspect of your dilapidation schedule. Naturally, we will provide a quality finish that satisfies the landlord’s requirements.

Upon completion, we will carry out a thorough handover with the landlord and/or tenant to ensure everything is as it should be.

Contact JBH Refurbishments

By using JBH Refurbishments’ dilapidation services we guarantee a professional finish, quick turn around and a fresh interior that presents an attractive rentable commercial property. Contact us for further information.

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