Workplace Kitchen Fit Out and Office Tea Points

The workplace kitchen or office tea point is an essential facility in any workplace. As a professional business, having somewhere to prepare beverages for your team, visitors and clients is a necessity. That’s where JBH Refurbishments workplace kitchen fit out and office tea point services can help.

You may be reading this page because you require a new office tea point installed within the main office, or a workplace kitchen as part of a complete office fit-out. Alternatively, you may simply want to refresh your existing set-up. Either way, we can create a quality office tea point or workplace kitchen fit out that works for your business and looks impeccable.

Office with Patterned Carpet and Office Kitchen Area

Tea Point and Kitchen Design

There are a variety of kitchen unit styles and worksurface finishes to choose from and we cover all of these within our kitchen design service. We’ll even provide a rendered image to show how your kitchen, or tea point will look when complete.

Essentially, your kitchen or tea point should reflect the size of your workforce. If you have small team of 1-15 members of staff, then a tea point within the office space should be sufficient.

A team of 15 or more would ideally benefit from a larger kitchen in a designated room, with a space to sit and relax during a break.

Office Tea Point with Cupbordas, Sink and Coffee Machine

The Office Tea Point Fit Out

An office tea point can be created in a small area within your office space.  Generally, an office tea point features fundamental equipment for making hot and cold beverages, including:

  • 1 to 5 kitchen units
  • Worktop
  • Under counter fridge
  • Optional sink for washing up and accessing water
  • Kettle, coffee machine or instant boiling water tap

The style of your office tea point is entirely up to you. We can install basic white units, allowing you to make a design impact elsewhere in the office, or you can use the tea point as your office design centre piece. You could opt for a quirky coffee shop inspired theme, or a sophisticated finish with designer lighting.

The flooring in your office tea point should be hardwearing. We would always recommend a durable vinyl that can seamlessly

The Workplace Kitchen Fit Out

A designated workplace kitchen fit out can make all the difference to your workforce and business. Having somewhere to prepare beverages, breakfast, lunch and snacks demonstrates that you care for your colleagues. It also enables you to offer flexible working hours and overtime, as it gives your team a place to prepare meals at all times of the day.

At JBH Refurbishments, we can work with you to develop design ideas that meet the practical needs of your workforce.

Workplace Kitchen Area with Sink and Cupboards
Office Kitchen/Tea Point with Cupbpards, Wine Rack and Coffee Machine

We suggest that the workplace kitchen fit out is fully equipped with enough cupboard space for your team and practical kitchen equipment is installed, such as:

  • Kitchen sink and drainer
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave and/or oven
  • Instant boiling hot water tap or kettle
  • Fridge/freezer

If you have the space available, it’s a good idea to provide some sort of seating area within your kitchen, so that staff can take time away from their work station and have a proper break. We have a wide range of kitchen furniture for you to choose from, including tables, chairs, benches and comfortable seating.

Aside from the overall look and essential equipment, a kitchen that is regularly used by an entire workforce, should be easy to keep clean. The flooring should be hard wearing – ideally cap and cove vinyl and all surface should be impervious. As an approved installer of hygienic cladding, which is a hardy, water resistance wall covering, we would always recommend this product for a workplace kitchen and for commercial kitchen fit outs. It comes in a variety of colours and patterns to meet your kitchen design requirements.

When professionally installed by an approved contractor, Hygienic Cladding offers optimum hygienic properties, which are unrivalled by any other wall surface.

Office Kitchen with Cupboards, Sink, Cooker
Office Kitchen With Seating Area and Wall Planting

To support and inspire you with your office tea point or workplace kitchen fit out, our website includes lots of information relating to this topic. Here, we have some useful links, including information on finance and leasing for commercial refurbishment, articless about workplace kitchen fit outs, planning advice, plus our design and layout services.

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Design and Layout

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If you are interested in learning more about our office tea point and workplace kitchen fit out services, please contact our team. We will talk you through the process and arrange a for one of our dedicated project managers to carry out a full site inspection. We’ll then provide some design options and thorough costings. Once approved, our highly skilled onsite team will begin construction.

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