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JBH Refurbishments Donates to Staplehurst Community Projects

JBH Refurbishments travel far and wide providing commercial fit outs in London, Kent and across the wider South East, but like the saying goes, ‘charity starts at home’,  JBH Refurbishments has donated an impressive £2,800 to special events and projects in their local community of Staplehurst.

JBH Refurbishments is based on the Larkstore Park Industrial Estate in Staplehurst, Kent and has been involved in the local community for many years. Both founders, husband and wife team, Babs and Jason Hubbard live and work in the village and have a vested interest in seeing the community thrive.

Staplehurst Sign

About Staplehurst

Staplehurst is located near to Tonbridge and Maidstone in Kent. It is a relatively large village in comparison to smaller hamlets within the Weald of Kent, yet retains its tight community feel.

The village is well-known for its great rail connections to London, even its village sign – designed by David Coveney – features the fast train passing along the bottom. Hence, Staplehurst it is very much a commuter village, as well as a preferred location for businesses in the South East.

Historically, Staplehurst’s rail links were made famous following the horrific rail crash of 1865. The train derailed after a piece of track was not replaced, which resulted in 10 deaths. Onboard was the famous-author, Charles Dicken and his mistress. He was said to have tended to the injured, yet never fully recovered from the ordeal.

Today the village is very much a sociable place to live, with young families, thriving businesses, social clubs, an excellent primary school and a full calendar of charitable events.

JBH Refurbishments is one of the businesses of Staplehurst that supports the local community and its projects. Without such generous donations, many of the projects would not be possible.

That’s why the Directors of JBH Refurbishments have pledged £2,800 to various projects within the community.

JBH Refurbishment’s Donations

JBH Refurbishments has donated to following projects within the Staplehurst community:

  • £500 to clean-up and improve the seating area next the library at the shopping parade
  • £2000 to the annual fireworks display – the money will cover the cost of the jaw dropping finale
  • £300 to the Staplehurst Christmas Pantomime held at the Staplehurst Free Church

Community Clean Up

Throughout the year, the Staplehurst community gather volunteers to clean-up the public areas, such as places with overgrown plants, or weeds, or areas that need attention.

The work of the volunteers is essential to getting the job done. However, they also need funds for materials to help with the clean-up operation. That’s why JBH Refurbishments decided to donate £500 to improve the seating area and walkway at the Staplehurst shopping parade.

The area was over-grown with weeds and dead leaves littered the pavements. The seats needed painting and panels replaced. The donation supported the project and now the residents of Staplehurst can enjoy the public areas once again and feel proud of the environment in which they live.

Staplehurst Community Projects

Staplehurst Phantom Firework Express

Staplehurst’s event calendar is thriving with fun and interesting events for all ages and interests, but perhaps one of the most anticipated annual events that this village has to offer is the Family Fireworks.

Each year, the fireworks assumes a theme and this year it goes by the title, ‘Phantom Fireworks Express’. JBH Refurbishments will be sponsoring the big one, the finale firework! As we all know this is the largest, most glorious display of the evening and evidently the most expensive. Therefore, JBH Refurbishments is donating £2,000 to the event.

The event has substantially grown in popularity since it was launched three years ago. Last year, guests were treated to a magnificent bonfire structure – a life-sized pirate ship, complete with sails,  was built using pallets and wood donated by local construction firms, including JBH Refurbishments. This year it will be a ghost train to compliment the event theme.

Ensuring this is an evening to remember, performing on stage and entertaining the crowds will be Fingles Cave. There will also be a range of food stalls, face painting, a Ferris Wheel, children’s Carousel and an inflatable Helter Skelter.

Tickets for the event will be on sale soon. To ensure you get your tickets follow the Staplehurst Family Fireworks Facebook page.

Staplehurst Christmas Panto

The Staplehurst Christmas Panto is the newest event in the Staplehurst community calendar and JBH Refurbishments is the main sponsor.

For one night only, Jack and the Bean Stalk will be performed by a professional performing arts company at the state-of-the-art Free Church on Station Road, Staplehurst.  Details are still being confirmed, but the team at JBH Refurbishments are very excited to see the first Staplehurst Panto and embrace the festive spirit.

Commenting on the generous donation to the local projects in Staplehurst is Director, Babs Hubbard, “Having lived and worked in this village for many years, we have embraced the heart and soul of the community. We love the village, the people and convenience of its central Kent location. We’ve always tried our best to help out with local projects, but this year we’re going that extra mile. They do say charity starts at home and that is the ethos we have adopted this year.

“In the past we have been an avid supporter of charities that touch our hearts personally. For many years we donated and raised money for Breast Cancer Care and homeless charities, including The Ashford Night Shelter. Last year we also donated to mental health charity, Mind. We felt that much of our work to enhance the workplace environment to improve health and wellbeing was in-line with the work Mind do to support those suffering mental health.”

You can read more about JBH Refurbishments’ past charity donations on our past post “We’re Not Sending Christmas Cards This Year!

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