The Benefits of an Office Refurbishment

Your business will be judged on its physical appearance. More often than not this will be done when someone visits your company for the first time and forms a first impression of your business and the likely professionalism of the services you provide. Although this may be unfair it is a fact of life.

First Impressions

It’s vital to give your visitors and potential clients the right first impression. One of the best ways to do this is by giving your office workplace a facelift through an office refurbishment.

The thought of carrying out an office fit out can seem daunting to many companies but it needn’t be difficult if handled correctly. On the plus side an office refurbishment comes with many benefits over and above that of giving the right impression, it can also have a huge impact on staff morale and productivity.

To this end think about:

Company Image

Take some time to think about the aesthetic impact you want to have when someone walks into your workplace. What impression do you want to give your visitors? How do you want them to feel? What will look pleasing to the eye? What do you want to draw your visitor’s attention to?

A bright, clean looking office workplace will have a positive impact on your visitors.

Colour scheme is important. Research has shown that choosing the right colours can affect a person’s moods, health, well-being and happiness so its’ important to chose the right colour scheme depending on how you want you visitors to feel e.g. “orange” is a warm colour which lifts the spirits; “yellow” is also a happy, bright, and uplifting colour and “green” creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation, calmness and space, lessening stress.

Keeping areas tidy (not cramped and cluttered) will also give a feeling of space, organisation and professionalism.

More Efficient Use of Space

It’s worth taking some time to look at the overall layout and plan how best to use all of your space, as a whole, rather than trying to look at one area at a time. By taking the helicopter view you can better judge where more space is needed and where space could be better used.

Consider how best to use the space within your workplace. If spaces are under utilised or too cramped look at office partitioning to better define office and storage areas.

It’s not all about how your office will look it’s important to take into account staff requirements e.g. do staff require quiet or privacy depending to do their jobs or is it more important that they interact with other staff members to facilitate efficient and effective team working.


Often overlooked, furniture is important in how it is used and where it is placed. With good planning you can ensure furniture is efficiently utilised allowing you to accommodate more employees comfortably while giving you more options for expansion in the future, without falling back into the trap of over crowding.

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