office design and layout

Office Design and Layout

Office design and layout planning is all part of the JBH Refurbishments office interior fit out service. When tasked with planning a new office design it can be overwhleming, but JBH Refurbishments is here to walk you through the entire experience step by step.

How JBH Can Help With Your Office Design and Layout

When considering a new office design and layout, it can be difficult to see past the existing set-up, or visualise the potential of an empty shell. Here is where JBH Refurbishments can provide expert advice on space planning and interior design to meet your business needs.

Your Office Layout

Plannng the right layout will essentially maximise the available space, thus allowing you to introduce a meeting space, breakout room, office partitioning, desk space, an office kitchen or tea point and washrooms. Regardless of the office size, it’s also important to consider the flow of the office – where different departments sit and how they work together. This can determin the layout and should be a key factor.

During an site survey, our project team will determine your requirements for the space and work with you develop a plan. To help you visualise the reworked space and plan your desk arrangement, we can develop 2D and 3D renders.

Your Office Design

Once the layout is in place, our professional office design team will focus on capturing your core brand values to create an office space that fully represents your business. Our office interior design service explores individual and open planned spaces that take into account the available natural light in each area, the accoustics, furnishings, your key messages, practical requirements and corporate identity.

If you are looking for a complete office design and layout service as part of an office fit out or refurbishment, please contact the team at JBH Refurbishments for more information.

Below we have provided some information about the options available as part of our office design, layout and fit out services.

Digital Rendering

It can be very difficult to envisage your refurbishment when the property is full with people, old desks and dated décor, so here’s how we can help…

After carrying out a full site inspection we can create a digital render to show exactly how your workplace will look once our builders have finished. This service can highlight potential issues in your design and development before we even begin work on site. You can ensure the partitioning is in the right place, you’ve chosen the right colour carpet to suit the furniture, the reception desk is in the best position and you can try out a variety of wall coverings and furniture. Ensuring the design and layout is right prior to carrying out the work will keep your development on budget and on track.

Design and Layout Ideas

There are many things to consider when carrying out a workplace refurbishment. Most importantly you need to accommodate your workforce and make a fantastic impression on visitors. To help you create that all important wow factor with your office refurbishment, we can offer sound advice on the overall design and layout of your property. There are a number of techniques that offer an affordable but very effective finish to any office space, waiting area, reception or retail outlet, while enhancing your company branding.

Office Partitioning

Most offices require some sort of office partitioning and there are numerous options available – glazed, partially glazed, solid walls, moving walls, storage walls and desk partitions. The options are endless, so if you feel overwhelmed by the choice we can offer practical advice on which products will suit your available space and business requirements.

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are the best way to hide unsightly pipework, wiring and ductwork, while offering easy access for essential maintenance of lighting and air conditioning units. Truly bespoke, the suspended ceiling can be fitted to any surface area, including curved walls and sloping ceilings.

We offer a full range of suspended ceiling finishes to suit your office design, including:

  • Traditional grid with a multitude of tile options from standard white, to ornate, metal grid and modular
  • Accoustic ceiling tiles and panels are ideal for shared work spaces, call centres and large offices
  • Drywall ceilings can be shaped and adapted to create a architectural features, or combined with other ceiling finishes
  • Wooden panelling has accoustic properties and are a great option when combined with exposed cieling HVAC systems

There are many options available to suit your brand new office design. Please feel free to give us a call for more information and advice.


The flooring in your office is incredibly important to your final office design. Of course it needs to be hardwearing, sound absorbant, but it also performs a role in seperating zones. For example, a change in colour or style of flooring can seperate a breakout area or a walkway in an open plan office.

Carpet tiles are fantastic for incorporating your coporate colours into your office. Combine coloured tiles with neautral tones that match colours within your logo to create a boarder around a room or a pattern pattern. You can even have your logo printed onto the carpet. Floor tiles are often overlooked as a cheap and practical office flooring solution, but used the right way, they can transform an office space.

Commercial vinyl flooring is ideal for hardwearing areas, corridors, kitchens and washrooms. There are many colours, textures and finishes available. Plus, they even have acoutic properties!


Lighting can have multiple effects on your working environment, from changing the overall look to improving productivity among the workforce. Traditional fluoritube lighting incorporated into a suspended ceiling can be suppressing, but changing them to the LED equivalent creates a natural light, which not only improves the general look of the space, but also enhances the brain’s efficiency. They offer energy savings too, which will enhance eco credentials and reduce you energy bills.

Lighting combined with a floating suspended ceiling in any shape can provide an opulent and contemporary appearance to a room. Using colour changing or simple white LED strips between the levels give depth to a large room. This combination of carpentry and lighting is a very inexpensive solution for a boardroom, reception or waiting room.

Wall Art, Planting, Accoustics and Office Graffiti For Contemporary Office Interior Design

If you want to really make an impact on your visitors, wall art, planting and  professional office graffiti will do the trick. At JBH Refurbishments we can help you to create a bold statement that remains inline with your corporate brand identity. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Wall Art

Wall art is available in many forms. No longer is it a matter of putting up a pretty picture, you can fill a complete wall with a mural, planting,  photography and projections. Be it a small wall in an entrance or stairwell, or a large wall spanning a reception or office, wall art is a tremendous way of bringing vibrancy and interest to a workplace.


A mural for example, can be printed with bespoke artwork, or you can choose from a wide range of pre-designed options. Usually printed on a vinyl backed material, it can be pasted by a professional decorator, just like wallpaper onto the desired area.


Office graffiti is equally impactful and has been adopted by many office fit out contractors in London. Its perfectly suited to new cool enterprizes, shared offices, creative and tech companies that want to make a bold and youthful statement. We use the very best graffiti artists, who can create a bespoke design and style to suit your office design and company ethos. Take a look at our office graffiti page for more information about the different styles of graffiti and see which one suits you.

Wording and Lettering

Wording and letter wall art is equally impactful. If you have a company statement or want to inspire your workforce, then large lettering can add interest to your office design. Vinyl lettering can be fitted to walls, office partitioning and windows. Its a very effective look that works with most office design schemes.

Acoustic Panelling

Acoustic panelling is increasingly popular in busy shared workspaces. While it is practical, it also provides a striking design feature. Accoustic panels can be shaped or printed to meet you design brief. Prior to deciding on the preferred look, our acoustic experts will take reverberation measurements within your office space and advise on the best areas to install accoustic panels. Then the design fun can begin!

Office Planting and Biophillic Design

Biophillic design was dervived from a study of human interaction with natural environments and it has taken a prominent place in office interior design in London, Kent and the South East. Office planting plays a large role in creating Biophillic inspired workplaces that look, inspirational creative and impactful.

Office planting offers health benefits too, which can improve cognitive productivity. JBH Refurbishments delivers turnkey office planting design, installation and maintenance as part of our office design services in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. To find out more and learn about the health benefits of Biophillic design visit our office planting page.

Textured Wall Coverings

Textured wall coverings bring a truly luxurious finish to a room. There are numerous textures of wall coverings available – vinyl backed sparkles, 3D wave effects, blocks, woven fabric and leather. There are a wide range of moulded MDF panels available with a high gloss, matt or wooden finish.

These opulent wall coverings are ideal for high-end office fit outs, hotels, reception areas, waiting rooms and retail outlets. There are a wide range of textured wall covering to meet varying budgets and workspaces.

Whiteboard and Magnetic Walls

There are practical wall coverings too that can enhance your office refurbishment or commercial fit out.

Forget the traditional whiteboard, walls covered with a special write-on vinyl are a must for any modern and creative school, boardroom or office. Available with a magnetic surface, the vinyl wall can be written on and projected onto. This practical communication tool looks fantastic and comes in a variety of colours with the added option of lines or grid marks.

Get Advice From An Office Design and Layout Fit Out Contractor

When developing a new office design and layout, its best to seek advice from a professional office fit out contractor. The team at JBH Refurbishments have the expertise and knowledge to discuss the available options for your office interior design, so to find out more, please contact our team today.

How We Can Help


We’re experienced at working to tight deadlines & budgets. We treat each commercial fit-out with the same professionalism, while delivering quality results each time.

office design and layout

Office Design and Layout

Office design and layout planning is all part of the JBH Refurbishments office interior fit out service. For more information contact our interior fit out team.

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