Social distancing signage for schools

Traffic Light Kit – Signage for Social Distancing in School Corridors

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The all-new traffic light kit for social distancing in school corridors has been developed by JBH Refurbishments as a fun way for pre-school and primary school children to grasp the concept of social distancing in school corridors and common areas.

All going well, all year groups will return to schools in September, when social distancing will still be very much part of our lives. For the younger age groups in primary school, social distancing is going to be challenging. This is especially true of new children entering early years for the first time.

While most of the time classes will be mingling among themselves, it is the corridors and common areas that will prove most challenging. That is why JBH Refurbishments has created the traffic light system kit for school corridors and common areas. This is a fun and engaging solution to help children understand social distancing in passing places.

Using a simple Stop, Get Ready and Go system the children are encouraged to assess the situation before simply going ahead and potentially coming across a child or class that are not within their bubble.

traffic light kit for school corridors

Here’s How it Works

What are children best at? Using their imagination and in this case, they are going to love becoming a car. When driving through the corridors, Stop at the traffic lights, is there someone coming? If there is, wait on the red spot for them to pass the line on the floor. When it’s all clear, you can Go!

The child stops at the traffic light

They read the instructions on the traffic lights:

Red – Stop if someone is coming.

The children stop on the red car sticker on the floor. There are 29 small of these, which need to be spaced 2 metres apart.

Amber – Get Ready when they have passed the line

The line is a vinyl strip that is placed on the floor 2 metres from the traffic light and 2 metres from the red car stickers on the floor

Green – Go if the way is clear.

The child has assessed the situation and if the way is clear, they an go.

Taffic Lights Kit for Social Distancing in School Coridors

What is in The Pack?

1 x traffic light 
This is a slim, easy to assemble standalone cardboard cut-out measuring 130mm tall and 40mm wide. Each colour light provides a simple instruction for children to understand.

It’s worth pointing out, the traffic light does not light up, this is an instruction based tool only.

1 x large vinyl floor circle
A car and the word ‘Stop’ is printed on the top of this large red sticker for the child waiting to stand on while they wait and assess the oncoming traffic (children/staff).

29 x small vinyl floor circles
These are subsequent floor stickers that mark the 2 metre distance for a class waiting in the corridor.

1 x passing place vinyl floor sticker
This is the marker that the oncoming traffic (children/staff) need to pass before the person waiting can go.

What Else is JBH Refurbishments Doing to Help Schools Adapt?

JBH Refurbishments is a school refurbishment company and we are doing all we can to help schools reopen safely. As well as creating the traffic light kit for school corridors to enable social distancing in common areas, we continue to offer school refurbishment, decoration, flooring, washroom refurbishments, partitioning installation and maintenance to help schools as they adapt to a new way of life.

School Decoration and Refurbishment

Classroom walls are looking bare right now, since artwork cannot be displayed, so we’re here to help!

If you would like to add some vibrant colours to the walls, wipe vinyl wall coverings, or simply tidy up the decor, we can provide decoration services or perform a comprehensive school refurbishment.


We design washrooms for schools that facilitate cleaning and maintaining excellent hygiene levels.

At a time when hygiene is more essential in schools than ever before, we’re focussing on reducing touch points in washrooms and using products that facilitate high hygiene levels, such as:

  • Sensor taps
  • Senor flushes for toilets and urinals
  • Hygienic cladding on walls
  • Vinyl cap and cove flooring

Visit our page on washroom refurbishments for more information.


To support your school’s social distancing efforts, JBH can install partitioning to create new classrooms in open plan areas, including halls and spacious corridors. We can install glazed or composite partitioning with acoustic properties.

Visit our page on office partitioning for more information.

Safety Screens

JBH desk safety screens act as a barrier from coughs and sneezes. We’re offering low cost options for all size desks in a variety of finishes. You can choose from acrylic, polycarbonate and foam PVC safety screens.

Each variation is available as a clip-on extension to the standard desk divider, as a full height screen and we offer return partition options too.

Visit our online shop to discover the right screens for you. Alternatively, feel free to call our helpful team for advice on 0333 207 0339.

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