Supporting The UK’s Net Zero Emissions Targets for 2050

JBH Refurbishments is a commercial fit out company that is committed to supporting the UK’s Net Zero Emissions targets for 2050. 

As a commercial refurbishment company, it is in our DNA to revive commercial buildings, repair and improve to prevent demolition and land development, which impacts on our environment. 

However, to fully support the government’s targets we must address every stage of our business practices and our supply chain to explore and discover new sustainable solutions.

In this document, we outline how we measure, monitor, and implement ways to reduce our impact on the environment – now and in the future.

How We Manage Waste

We endeavour to recycle and reclaim high quality materials where possible for reuse in the same project or subsequent projects. For example, high quality fire doors can be removed from dilapidation projects and reused for the new premises, or on another project (if adequate storage is available).

Our design team aim to implement pre-existing fixtures to reduce waste from site. For example, pre-existing wooden cladding can be covered with vinyl or decorated to limit waste, and reduce the use of timber and drylining materials for replacement wall finishes.

Also in the design phase, we look at a product’s reusability – when it is no longer required, we ask can it be reused elsewhere if it hasn’t been permanently installed?

All waste from site is responsibly disposed of using local-to-site waste management companies and recycling facilities. 

How We Responsibly Source Products

Every project is different and not all materials and products are sustainable options for all refurbishments. Therefore, we address each project with a fresh pair of eyes. 

To understand the full extent of a product or a material’s environmental impact, we liaise with our supply chain about their own environment credentials and continue to research new sustainable solutions. 

Where possible, we implement products and materials that:

  • Have a valid EPD (Environment Product Declaration) 
  • Are covered by Environmental Management System (EMS) or a Responsible Sourcing Certification Scheme (RSCS), which are recognised by Breeam, the sustainability body for construction projects. The full list of schemes are available HERE.

What is EPD? This is a lifecycle assessment that measures the environmental impact of the product/material. It looks at:

  • Sourcing raw materials
  • Travel
  • Production
  • Installation 
  • Removeable 
  • End-of-life disposal 

The JBH Refurbishments team use the EPD assessment tool to source sustainable and quality products/materials.

What is Environmental Management System (EMS) or a Responsible Sourcing Certification Scheme (RSCS)? These are a variety of schemes that measure and rate the environmental impact of the supply chain and their produce. There are a range of schemes for different materials and products.

How We Use Innovation And Eco Solutions

Innovation is key to achieving the Government’s Net Zero Emission Targets. Therefore, as part of our commitment to sustainable practices, we educate our team and clients on new and improved technology, eco-solutions, products and materials. 

From exploring eco-efficient HVAC systems to rainwater harvesting solutions; living walls to AV equipment; smart building technology to solar-powered energy and low energy lighting, we continue to research and implement innovative and eco products, technology and best practices where possible.

How We Enforce Wellbeing Across Our Operation

Wellbeing is part and parcel of our sustainability action plan. Through wellbeing initiatives, we strive to become a more productive and healthier workforce. Here are some wellbeing solutions we implement in our own business:

  • Regular staff appraisals and feedback ensure our team are not overstretched or overwhelmed.
  • Management has an open-door policy to discuss any concerns with confidence.
  • team spirit is encouraged to build relationships and a long partnership with employees and suppliers.
  • Team events happen several times a year to show our appreciation.
  • Training and personal development is readily available and encouraged.
  • Rewards and flexibility are enjoyed by all JBH Refurbishments’ employees.
  • Standard working hours are enforced to prevent unnecessary overtime and focus on productivity.
  • On Fridays the team are treated to breakfast and leave the office an hour early.

For projects, we look at ways to improve wellbeing using the interior space. Some solutions include:

  • Dedicated breakout space and kitchen/dining areas designed to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Office planting and living walls to remove carbon dioxide from the air and increase oxygen – it’s eco and it’s healthy!
  • Activity-based workspaces encourage teamwork and productivity. 
  • Natural lighting to enhance brain function and reduce eye strain.
  • Effective air conditioning and ventilation effectively remove internal exhaust fumes and provides a fresh air supply. 
  • Hygienic washroom solutions are optimised for easy cleaning and reduced spread of bacteria and viruses.

How We Limit Travel

Our focus service area is in the South East of England (including London and home counties). This focus area means we limit our travel, and over time we have developed a local supply chain for the areas we cover. This is part of our strategy to source sub-contractors, waste services, and suppliers that are local to site. 

Furthermore, we use public transport (we have train and bus routes on our doorstep) for site visits and our company vehicles are maintained to a high standard to keep our carbon emissions to minimum. In the future, we will replace company vehicles with green technology.

How We Limit Our Impact On The Community

During site surveys, our project management review the impact of the project on the local community. These checks look at parking and waste disposal.

Our Stance On Off Setting Schemes

Offsetting schemes to plant trees and invest in sustainable solutions/technologies are on the agenda for JBH Refurbishments. We are currently looking into the options.

Why Is Communication Our Priority?

We are committed to communicating our sustainable action plan to our internal team, suppliers, clients, fellow contractors and the public. 

Using digital media, written and verbal communication, industry working groups and promotion of sustainable products, we strive to offer valuable insight through all methods of communication.

How we Can Measure a Project’s Carbon Footprint

Upon request, we can measure the carbon footprint of our business practices and projects using various tools, such as OneClickLCA, eTool and SKA.

How We Monitor Our Carbon Footprint

Through continuous communication with the team relating to sustainable best practices, we monitor our progress as a company and the projects we complete for clients.

As we continue our sustainability journey and review the requirements from clients, we will consider Breeam accreditation for individual projects and ISO 14001 accreditation for our business practices.

A Summary Of How We Implement Our Sustainable Action Plan

Through expanding our knowledge of sustainable practises in construction, we:

  • Implement various online tools to provide genuine sustainable solutions for commercial refurbishments. 
  • Maintain a focus service area to ensure our travel does not exceed beyond the South East of England and use public transport where possible.
  • Recycle and reclaim products and materials.
  • Implement non-toxic paint and varnishes.
  • Develop office designs that limit waste.
  • Responsibly source products and materials.
  • Research and monitor supply chain and our business practices.
  • Explore new technology, eco-solutions, wellbeing initiatives and sustainable schemes for our projects.
  • Calculate our carbon footprint using online tools 
  • Communicate our sustainable practices with our workforce, supply chain, clients, fellow contractors, and the public.

For more information about JBH Refurbishments’ sustainability action plan, please contact us.

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