What Is A Category A & B Fit Out?

In a nutshell, a category A fit out is usually carried out by the landlord to create a comfortable space and blank canvas for their new tenant.

Category B fit outs are carried out on behalf of the end user. These include the finishing touches specified by the tenant, such as décor, branding, flooring, partitioning, and furnishings.

Category A and B Fit Out Contractor

JBH Refurbishments is a turnkey category A and B fit out contractor, for businesses, schools, warehouse conversions and shared workspaces in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. This means we can take care of all your interior fit out needs. Whether you are a landlord or a new tenant moving into a property for the first time, JBH Refurbishments is the office fit out contractor of choice!

As part of our interior fit out services, we work with landlords to ensure the property is ready for market and support the office design requirements of new tenant’s. We’ll even carry out the end-of-lease dilapidations when it’s time to move on.

To find out more about our end-to-end fit out services, please contact the JBH team. Alternatively, read on to find out more about category A and B fit outs and how JBH Refurbishments can help.

Category A Fit Out

The category A fit out is the stage after the shell and core of the building has been completed, or a full strip out of an existing property has been undertaken.

The ‘shell and core’ refers to the basic building structure, including staircases, cladding, walls, lift shaft and mezzanine floors levels.

Essentially the category A fit out prepares the property for market. As an example, JBH Refurbishments can carry out the following works as part of a category A fit out:

  • Raise the flooring for access
  • Install a mezzanine floor if required
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Basic lighting
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) installation
  • Electrical and data cabling first and second fix
  • Fire alarm system
  • Plaster and finish walls with basic decoration
  • Carpentry such as skirtings, mouldings, door installations
  • Basic staircase balustrades
  • Washrooms and DA toilet installation

While these works are classed as category A, often there is a crossover of the works completed for category A and B fit outs. This is especially true when it comes to shared workspaces, where tenants are sharing a kitchen and tea points, washrooms and meeting rooms.

Category B Fit Out With Kitchen Area

Category B Fit Out

Any savvy business knows that office design is essential to portraying a professional image. When done well, it can help to secure the right workforce, support the company’s philosophy and positively showcase your business.

Undoubtedly, the category B fit out is the phase that will put your business on the map, and JBH Refurbishments is on hand to make that happen.

When a tenant takes over the lease of their property, they will be given an agreement by the landlord, which will state the type of interior changes that can be made as part of a category B fit out. However, there is usually a clause that states that once the lease had ended, they are obliged to return the workplace to its original state. This is called ‘end of lease dilapidations’, which we will come to shortly.

For now, let us explain the types of services you can expect as part of a JBH Refurbishments’ category B fit out:

  • Personalised office office design with 3D visuals and furniture design
  • Layout design and modifications
  • Office partition installations for meeting rooms and individual offices
  • Staircase finishes or alterations, such as carpets and glazed balustrades
  • Kitchen and tea point installations
  • Creation of individual workstations, booths and breakout areas
  • Office furniture, storage and accessorises
  • Interior décor and statement design, such as planting walls, graffiti and wall coverings
  • IT installation and data cabling modifications
  • Flooring
  • Designer lighting and ceiling finishes
  • Modifications to the HVAC and fire alarm to facilitate for the new design and layout
  • Signage and branding
  • Reception area design and fit out

If you are looking to carry out a category B fit out as part of an office move, read on, as we can help with the end of lease dilapidation of your previous property too.

Fit Out Complete

End of Lease Dilapidations

Typically, within a lease agreement there is a clause that requests that once the lease is terminated, the tenant must return the office interior to its original state, ready for the next occupants – otherwise known as end of lease dilapidations.

For tenants looking to move from one commercial premises to another, and landlords preparing for new tenants, we offer a comprehensive end-of-lease dilapidations service.

Our team can work with tenants to deliver a category B fit out and carrying out the end-of-lease dilapidations on your previous property. By using one fit out contractor for both properties, you can enjoy a smooth transition in what can be very challenging process.

As part of your dilapidations, we will remove partitioning and ‘make good’ all walls, ceilings, flooring, washrooms, kitchens and more to return the property to its original state, ready for its new occupants.

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