Why Warehouse Conversions Are All The Trend

Warehouse conversions for office space are all the trend in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex and it's for five good reasons: space, parking, access, lease potential and ROI.

School Refurbishment Season Is In Full Swing

School refurbishment season is in full swing as JBH help schools prepare for the new academic year. Discover our tips for planning and undertaking a Kent or London school refurbishment.

Why Your Office Design Should Contain Break Out Areas

Every business should be aware of work-related stress. Find out how a business can combat workplace stress including the use of break out areas.

Interior Design Trends from Clerkenwell Design Week

These are the commercial interior design trends from Clerkenwell Design Week 2022 brought to you by JBH Refurbishments.

Workplace vs. Home Working – What’s Right For Your Business?

Pros and cons of the office vs. home or hybrid working and some tips on how Kent and London businesses can implement hybrid working most effectively.

Creating The Perfect Office Environment – For Office Productivity

We know that the right office environment can have a huge impact on office productivity and how staff perform in their jobs.

When It Comes To Your Office A Serious Business Needs A Serious Office Right?

When it comes to the workplace a serious business needs a serious office and therefore a serious office refurbishment right - however it’s more complex than that.

Keeping The Doors Open During An Office Refurbishment

Ensuring your business can keep working while an office refurbishment is being carried out can be a challenge and may seem like a tall task but it is doable.

Shift Towards London Office Refurbishment Continues As London Office Construction Increases

Deloitte’s 25th anniversary edition of the London Crane Survey shows there is still a structural shift towards London office refurbishments.

Differences Between An Office Refurbishment, Office Fit Out and Design and Build?

We look at the differences between an office refurbishment, office fit out and design and build regarding carrying out a Kent or London office refurbishment.

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