Your Kent Or London Office Design Can Set Your Business Up For Success

Kent or London office design can help to promote a healthier workplace environment and lead to a more enjoyable, productive, and profitable work environment.

National Stress Awareness Day – How Office Refurbishment Can Combat Stress

National Stress Awareness Day attempts to recognise and raise awareness of how stress in the workplace affects businesses and employees.

Transforming Your Kent or London Office – A Myriad Of Office Refurbishment Options

When it comes to carrying out your Kent or London office refurbishment there are a myriad of options that need to be carefully considered.

Are Hybrid Working Practices On the Decline?

One size working practices doesn’t fit all. Hybrid and full-time office working still have their place in today’s work environment.

ADHD Friendly Office Design Hacks

Our ADHD friendly office design hacks offer guidance on creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

Transform Your Kent and London Office With Collaborative Workspaces

Collaborative workspace often play an important role and can result in improvements in workplace performance in Kent and London office space.

How Office Design and Refurbishment Can Make the Most of Your Small Office Space

This article looks at ways that office design and office refurbishment can help you to make the most of your small office space.

Major Rebuilding or Refurbishment Work Required In Schools

In 2023 the NAO reported on the continued decline of school buildings and the urgent need for major school refurbishment or rebuilding work.

High On London Office Refurbishment Must Haves Is Sustainability

Low numbers of sustainable offices in London and the need to meet the UK governments MEES is driving sustainable London office refurbishment.

Why are Gender Neutral Toilets being Scrapped in 2024 

Why are Gender Neutral Toilets being Scrapped in 2024? What does it mean for the workplace, schools and public spaces?

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