Making an Entrance – Your London Office Reception

We’re sure you’ve heard the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. First impressions count – it’s something we are all told time and again. Yet when we think of making that good “first impression” we immediately think of dressing in our best business suit not what our office reception area says about us. First impressions matter and everyone wants to make a good first impression so why would it be any different for your London office reception area?

Customers and staff will make up their mind about your company within the first few seconds of walking through your front door. In the majority of cases the first place your visitors will see will be the reception and this is why you should make sure that your London office reception represents you and your business exactly the way you want to be seen.

The question you have to ask yourself is “What message is your reception area sending?” Does it match the message you want to send? If the answer is no then it’s time to start thinking about refurbishing your reception.

Benefits of Refurbishing Your London Office Reception

Over the last few years the office reception has gone from being an afterthought to being a very important part of a business’s corporate identity. The reception area can set out a business’s brand identity and play an important role in managing interactions of staff and visitors. It can act as the vanguard for setting the tone for the rest of the office and providing visitors with an insight into the rest of the office space within a business.

The reception area should welcome visitors onto site and let them experience the work culture of a business, setting the right tone from the very first moment they step through the door.
Don’t forget your reception area isn’t just about visitors or customers it’s also about maintaining and setting the tone for your staff. If your staff find your reception inspiring then it is far more likely that it will play a role in boosting their mood and ultimately their productivity. After all, who wants to start their day by walking into and through an unwelcoming reception area?

If your London office reception enables you to set the tone that you want to convey then you are already half way to winning the battle of making a good positive first impression on visitors, potential customers, staff and potential staff.

Your London Office Reception Ideas

When it comes to an office refurbishment there are many options to consider. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Branding Your London Office Reception

You’ve got a captive audience so why not use the opportunity to advertise your brand in a positive way? This can be done by showing your company logo, the use of your company colours and having branded informative stationary available to read. Of course it’s important that the use of your logo and colour is done in a balanced way that is aesthetically pleasing to your visitors; it shouldn’t be over the top or overt. Some of the best branding is understated, simple and elegant in its execution.

Branding can be done through a hint of corporate colour, having one accent wall painted in corporate colours or in a colour that compliments it; as well as through paintings, images or graphics. Irrespective of how the branding of your London office reception is achieved it should be sending the right message, your corporate message.

Reception Signs

It may sound obvious but having some signage within your London office reception can work wonders. Even something as simple as “Welcome to ‘Company Name’” can help to set a warm and friendly welcoming tone and lets visitors know they are in the right place.

Make It Interesting and Help Occupy Your Visitor

No one likes waiting in a reception area but that is inherently what the area is for. However there’s no reason that you shouldn’t try to help your visitors pass the time more quickly.

We’ve mentioned the use of branding, colour etc. to bring an office reception to life but you should also look at your London office reception from the point of view of making it “interesting” to your site visitor.

A plain room can seem stark and uninspiring and may make your visitor’s time drag. Instead think of ways that you can inspire your visitors, lift their mood and keep them interested.

So what would make an office reception design interesting? Here are a few ideas:

  • Use spotlights to draw a visitor’s attention to areas you want to promote.
  • Provide visitors with material they can read about your company and products or other materials/brochures you think they would find interesting.
  • Place a TV screen in the room which changes display every so often and provides details about the company along with “did you know” questions and answers, maybe even some business related trivia may help your visitors relax.
  • Place custom artwork around the reception area.
  • Consider the use of plants and foliage to bring the outside inside. Flowering plants that a bit of contrast can add to the interest of the reception area.

Comfortable Seating Makes An Impression

Make sure your office furniture is inviting and comfortable.

There’s nothing worse than arriving for an appointment or meeting knowing you’ll have some time to wait to be seen, only to find a drab office reception area with uncomfortable, cold, hard furniture.

Make the space inviting and invest in good quality and comfortable office reception furniture. Your visitors are far more likely to be impressed when it’s obvious you’ve given the reception area furniture thought to their comfort and invested in comfortable sofas and chairs. Quality furniture can say a lot about your business and your thoughtfulness as a company.

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