A Few Office Refurbishment Ideas to Spruce Up Your Office

How many times have you heard that a great looking office can make a big difference to the mood and the motivation of your staff boosting morale and raising spirits and a dark, dreary and dull office will leave your staff feeling gloomy and unmotivated? Too many? However it is a fact that the look and feel of your office space can have a big impact on your staff. A great way of changing the dynamics of your office and creating a more team focused space for your staff is by either by implementing a few office refurbishment and fit out ideas to “spruce up your office space”.

Here are 5 simple ideas to help brighten up your office so your staff will look forward to coming into the office every morning.

  • Add Colour. Sitting looking at a white wall all day is one of the things that wears people down throughout the day so they can’t wait to go home or leave work. Paint the odd wall in a bold colour to give the office a focal point.
  • Personal Touches. Let your staff add personal touches to their desk like family photos or drawings this will help make the office a brighter and more interesting environment.
  • Personal Lighting. Provide warm lighting at each desk to set the mood for when you’ll be spending hours sitting and working.
  • Plants. Introduce greenery to the workplace or have plants placed around the office to introduce a hint of colour.
  • Magazines, Journals, Books. Use magazines, journals and books relevant to your company/industry which can also be used as a source of ideas and give staff something to read.

If you are looking for a complete office refurbishment you might consider:

Suspended ceilings

There’s no limit to the number and type of places you can use a suspended ceiling and with the ever-increasing range of styles and colours, combined with the correct lighting you instantly you have a more comfortable working environment.

A new suspended ceiling can transform your workplace.

Office Partitioning

Innovative use of office partitioning can give offices and workplaces the appearance of increased space and height.

Not only can office partitions be used in the ‘office environment’ to divide up existing office space but they can also be used to creating freestanding offices in a production environment or warehouse facility. If your office is a little short of space you could always use glass partitioning which can make the office feel more spacious and airy. Office partitioning can also be rearranged as your workforce expands.

JBH Refurbishments provide a service to help you choose the best systems taking into account the size/layout of your office and what you are hoping to achieve. With our expertise we will make sure you have the right ceilings and office partitioning that works for you plus we’ll provide innovative space solutions. Call us on 0333 207 0339 or contact us via your contact form for more information.

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