£4 Billion Pledged For Essential School Maintenance and Facilities Management

JBH Refurbishments has launched its facilities management service, specifically for schools, in light of the government’s pledge to fund school maintenance, which will ultimately allow children to learn in the best possible environment.

Over the next two years the government is investing £4 billion to improve the condition of schools and provide essential facilities management services for school properties.

School Buildings In Need of Refurbishment

Many schools throughout the UK were built during the post war period in the 1960 and 70’s, and are today falling into disrepair. By funding the refurbishment and facilities management services, the government hopes to avoid costly redevelopment of school buildings. The essential funding will significantly go some way to preserving schools across the country.

To enable schools to use the available funding in an effective manor, JBH Refurbishments has launched a dedicated facilities management service.

Jason Hubbard, Director of JBH Refurbishments explains, “Over the years we have provided refurbishments for numerous schools in Kent. From classroom refurbishments to toilets, and school halls, we are fully aware of how schools can struggle to keep on top of the amount attention an old building, with a high footfall of pupils and staff, requires.”

“With this experience we want to be able to offer schools in Kent and surrounding areas an all encompassing facilities management service that will give them peace-of-mind. Therefore, we have tailored a Planned Preventative Maintenance package specifically for schools. We have taken into account the most common needs of a school, including leaking taps, general decoration, door fittings and fixtures, health and safety signage, fitting computer trunking; and the list goes on.”

How Does Our School Maintenance and Facilities Management Service Work?

JBH Refurbishments’ facilities management service for schools in Kent is intended to save schools valuable time and money. Rather than school staff spending hours looking for individual trades, JBH Refurbishments will provide scheduled visits from suitable professionals throughout the year to keep the property safe and fit for purpose all-year-round.

The school can choose as many or as few visits as they like, with the option to purchase additional days for more time-consuming maintenance work.

Initially JBH Refurbishments will carry out a complete site survey to establish any existing repairs that may be required and advice on a schedule of works to take place throughout the year. The visits can be as frequent as the school requires; this could be once a month, or combined within the school holidays.

Each of our PPM plans are tailored to suit the needs of the school and the condition of the building.

  • JBH Refurbishments will carry out an initial site survey and make necessary repairs
  • A second visit will be scheduled
  • Between visits we ask you to make a list of maintenance projects for us to complete
  • JBH Refurbishments offers reactive maintenance support between visits
  • Major work will be carried out during school holidays

To arrange an appointment or to discuss your school maintenance needs, call the JBH Refurbishment team on 0333 207 0339 or contact us via our contact form. You can also find out more about our facilities management service for schools.

For more information on Government funding available to schools, please readEssential School Maintenance – a guide for schools“.

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