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As part of every office design and fit out project, we offer an exclusive workplace furniture consultation. We invite our client to visit our showroom in the heart of London to get a hands-on ‘try before you buy’ experience.

You can test, feel and see a range of products that have been carefully selected to meet your office design and budget. You’ll have the opportunity to sit in chairs, see how they can be configured to suit different heights, seating positions and comfort.

Our office furniture consultation is a crucial step in understanding your needs to ensure your office fit out delivers at every stage.

About The JBH Office Furniture Range

At JBH Refurbishments we have a comprehensive range of office, school, reception and waiting room furniture to suit your needs and comfort. Our extensive catalogue covers products from various manufacturers and designers. We have over 50,000 items to choose from, all built for quality, durable and sustainability.

We work to all budgets to supply and install all office desks, chairs, storage system, conference room furniture, classroom furniture, canteen tables and chairs, waiting room seating for reception areas and hospitals.

Even with such a variety of choices we appreciate you may not find what you need. If so our skilled and highly creative carpenters can build bespoke furniture and storage systems to meet your needs and branding. Read on for further information and images, or contact our team to discuss your options.

Bespoke Circular Padded Seating in Multiple Colours

Bespoke Furniture

Off the shelf office furniture and storage can be incredibly stylish. There are a variety of designs and colours available, but if you would like something unique to your office that perhaps mirrors your company’s branding or performs as a centrepiece to your reception area, we can create it.

Our professional carpenters are specialists in handcrafting bespoke office furniture, and built in storage that can also help to disguise unsightly utilities. A bespoke reception desk or boardroom table can be sculpted to echo the lines and curves within your company logo to make a truly impactful impression on your visitors. We can also build storage walls to fit the most unconventional of spaces and support AV equipment.

Office Seating

We supply a multitude of seating solutions including Task, Operator, Executive, Reception, Conference, Visitor and Stacking.

Within our ranges we should have every size, mechanism, style and colour that you could wish for. We also supply ergonomic and backcare chairs to provide the perfect ‘fit’ between people and their technological tools and environments.

Ergonomic seating takes account of the user’s capabilities and limitations in seeking to ensure that tasks, equipment, information and the environment suit each user.

Office Seating
Desk Systems and Chairs

Workspace, System Desks & Tables

We can supply a wide range of workstations in a variety of colours and wood finishes including light oak, beech and maple, apple and Japanese ash to create your perfect office environment.

System desking is popular for long uninterrupted workspaces, and the use of intelligent desktop cable access allows a user to simply plug in their laptop as and when require for a flexible working environment.

Reception & Waiting Room Furniture

In order to ensure the perfect size and shape for your reception area our reception desks/units are available in modular form. Counters can be low (for disabled access) or higher to allow access but still give a degree of privacy.

Our modern and flexible seating systems are ideal for busy waiting areas. They offer comfort and vibrancy.

Reception Desk
Partitioned Furniture, Desk and Stools

Communal & Customer Facing Furniture

In many businesses, hospitals and healthcare centres, it’s important you have furniture that allows you to have a conversation with a colleague, customer or patient.

We can work with you to create a suitable layout and provide all of the appropriate furniture, as well as partitioning for privacy.

School Furniture

School furniture needs to be durable, practical and easy to clean; it should also be fun and interesting. We have a range of classroom furniture to suit all age groups – from pre-school and primary school to secondary school and adult education.

Our classroom furniture range includes desks, stacking chairs and storage systems, which enable students to learn in comfort, while allowing teachers to create flexible working areas.

Canteen Furniture

Canteen & Restaurant Furniture

Whether you have a dedicated canteen for your business or have a restaurant you’re looking to furbish, you will love our selection of contemporary and durable canteen and restaurant furniture. As with all our furniture products, it comes in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your brand.

Office Storage Systems, Filing Cabinets and Lockers

Storage is essential for any business.

Whether you need storage cupboards or filing cabinets for your office, we can provide contemporary and practical storage solutions.

We also supply and fit lockers for schools, leisure centres and gyms in a variety of colours and finishes.

Office Storage and Filing Systems
Enclosed Office Pod with Tables and Padded Seating

Office Pods

The office pod is a great solution for creating a small meeting room, or breakout space within your workplace. They can come fully furnished, or left blank allowing you to make it your own. They come a range of sizes and can be assembled in your workplace.

Office pods offer a non-permanent structure within your office space that can can moved or relocated when the time comes.

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