Flooring Options

The flooring options for your commercial refurbishment are virtually unlimited.

We can provide you with whatever floor finish you desire and provide advice on what will suit your office design and the practical aspects of your day-to-day needs.

Herringbone Patterned Wooden Floor

Vinyl Safety Flooring

Vinyl safety flooring provides a practical and slip resistance floor surface. It comes in many hues and finishes – matt, speckled, sparkles, perforated shapes, wood effect, tile effect, stone effect, mottled – the list is endless.

The safety properties of vinyl flooring are ideal for use in areas that receive a large footfall or that require regular cleaning. This hardwearing floor surface can withstand heavy machinery, regular cleaning and water penetration, making it the ideal solution for areas that require optimum hygiene, such as hospitals, healthcare centres, supermarkets, gyms, hotels, care homes, leisure centres, shower blocks and toilets.

For ease of cleaning, vinyl flooring can be fitted with cap and cove edging, allowing you to thoroughly clean into the corners.

Vinyl Flooring In a Seating Area
Resin Flooring


Resin flooring is extremely durable, hardwearing and chemical resistant. Often used in industrial and commercial properties, resin flooring has a seamless hygienic finish, therefore is a practical flooring solution for pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, factories and commercial kitchens.

Resin flooring is very quick and easy to install and can be provided as a smooth surface or fully slip resistant. It comes as a 4mm or 6mm thickness and finished in high gloss or matt, with a choice of colours and floor toppings, such as speckled quartz, sparkle flakes and pebbles, which are coated with a clear sealant.

Floor Tiles

Aside from being extremely durable and versatile, floor tiles can transform any workplace, be it an office, retail development or school. Using bright coloured tiles, that match or compliment the colours within your logo, we can create boarders around a room or in a pattern. This is ideal for separating specific areas or bringing colour to a dreary boardroom or office.

Using floor tiles we can recreate your business’ logo on the ground, a popular option for large open spaces, or as a welcome in a reception, entrance or waiting area. Additionally arrow shapes embedded into floor tiles can be used to provide simple direction to customers, guests or clients to specific areas within a building.

There are numerous options of floor tiles available. Choose from carpet floor tiles for warmth and comfort, or vinyl floor tiles for areas with high footfall and require through cleaning. Be assured we can help you create the desired end result to suit your office design, working environment and your customer’s needs.

Patterened Carpet Floor Tiles within an Office Area

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