A Campsite Toilet Block Refurbishment Attracts UK “Glampers”

Camping and caravanning is big business in the UK. Brits are the second largest market for touring caravan sales after the U.S. While tent sales are expected to increase 6% in Europe from 2018 to 2023. Understandably just because people caravan and camp doesn’t mean they don’t expect high standards and that’s also true when looking at the toilet and shower facilities on site. When it comes to choosing a campsite those sites that have good facilities or who’ve invested in shower and toilet block refurbishment are more likely to attract customers. Read on to find out more.

Where To Stay?

The current weather has added to popularity of  this leisurely activity in the UK. It couldn’t be a more perfect time to pitch up and enjoy the outdoors. But making that decision of where to stay isn’t always that simple. Hours are spent trawling through Trip Advisor reviews and a small indiscretion with the campsite shower or toilet blocks can mean you write-off that site for good. So, what do we look for when choosing the ideal campsite?

It turns out that not all of us embrace the outdoors to the extremes. Now that tents and caravans offer very much a “glamping” experience, we expect the facilities onsite to be of a very high standard.

We don’t mind staying in a tent or caravan, eating outdoors, or walking round in public in our PJs. What we do mind is inadequate washroom facilities on campsites and waste disposal areas.

Campsite Refurbishments

Interestingly, if a shower and toilet block refurbishment has recently taken place that means top marks for a campsite! Old reviews of a poorly fitted toilet and shower blocks may have penalised the campsite’s review status, but a new shower and toilet block refurbishment can make a huge difference.

We are more likely to visit somewhere that has recently had a new shower or toilet block refurbishment, a refurbished games room, or shop fit out. Campsite renovations are a huge draw for campers and caravanners who don’t totally want to leave their home comforts.

What Do Campers Expect From A Shower and Toilet Block Refurbishment?

Yes, camping or caravanning is about living a simple life and enjoying the outdoors, but in all honesty, we expect a certain standard from a campsite washroom or toilet block.

We don’t want it to be unsanitary and if it is, it can taint our visit – enough for us to write a bad review! To avoid poor online critics, its best the toilet block is well maintained and kept clean at all times.

If a campsite shower or toilet block refurbishment is beyond overdue, we have some suggestions on what to include in your fit out:

  1. Shower and toilet block flooring must be easy to clean and provide grip. A cap and cove vinyl floor is ideal, as the it is easy to clean. As opposed to tiled floors where the grouted crevasses provide a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.
  2. The best wall covering for campsite shower and toilet blocks is hygienic cladding. This is an impervious wall surface, or “splashback”, that is easy to maintain and keep clean. It needs to be fitted by an approved installer to ensure the hygienic properties are realised. For example, the hygienic cladding is moulded (with specialist equipment) into the corners to prevent any areas where mould and bacteria can develop, which is common with tiles. hygienic cladding comes in various colours and can even be printed with a scene of your choice.
  3. Shower cubicles should offer ample washing and drying space, plus a hooks and seat, or low shelf to store your wash items. Let it be known that the drying space in a campsite shower cubicle is a well discussed topic on any camping trip and means a lot to any reviewer.
  4. Water pressure and temperature are also big conversational topic in any camp, so make sure the right plumbing and boiler system is in place, and it is maintained regularly.
  5. Drainage in a shower block is hugely important. The water must drain away easily, or the complaint will soon be known. Many campsites feature a drainage channel for each shower to reduce saturation on the floors.
  6. Heating during the autumn and winter is imperative, or lets face it, even in summer it cn be chilly, so make sure there is suitable heating in place.
  7. Extraction and ventilation is also vital. When a number of showers are in use there is a large build-up of steam, so make sure there is suitable extraction and ventilation in place.
  8. Mirrors, hand and hairdryers, sufficient sanitary disposals and self-cleaning utensils are also key shower and toilet block essentials.

Shower Block Maintenance – The Good vs The Bad!

There are a lot of campsites and caravan clubs that know exactly how to successfully manage a toilet block. They have cleaners that come in once, twice, and sometimes three times a day. They also provide squeegees for the guests to mop away any excess water.

However, there are the horror stories too! Black shower curtains, mould, curled up vinyl flooring (meaning water does not drain away), blocked drains, dirt, poor water pressure and even worms and other creatures on the shower cubical walls. These are all shower block oversights found on our beloved review sites.

How JBH Can Help

When a shower or toilet block is designed and refurbished successfully, maintenance is straight forward. So, if you are a campsite owner or you have recently visited a camp site with poor washroom facilities, please get in touch with the team at JBH Refurbishments.

We can complete campsite shower and toilet block refurbishments, as well as maintain them. We can also complete the refurbishment of other communal areas, such games rooms, shops, bars and restaurants. Let us know how we can help.

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