Post-Holiday Office Refurbishment Trends

At JBH Refurbishments, we have observed there is a notable rise in post-holiday office refurbishment trends in Kent, London and the South East. Directly after a significant holiday – Christmas, Easter and of course Summer, enquiries for office interior services significantly rise.

For most businesses, we believe these periods present a quiet time to reflect on the business goals and make decisions.

September Office Refurbishment Trends

September is a particularly popular period for businesses looking to make changes to their surroundings. So why are office refurbishments so sought-after following a period of rest, or down time?

  • Could it be that Managing Directors are taking longer holidays and have time to gain a better perspective on their business?
  • Perhaps, it is because businesses are generally quieter during the summer months, with clients and colleagues taking well-deserved breaks?
  • Does the tatty décor look its worst in the summer’s natural light?
  • Or is September a better time to move offices, as most staff have returned from their holidays?

Either way September and October are particularly busy times for office refurbishment enquiries in Kent, London and the South East.

For those that are now considering updating their office interior and looking to office refurbishment trends to draw inspiration, we have some tips for planning your post-holiday office refurbishment.

Planning Your Post-Summer Office Refurbishment

First, research a reliable and reputable office refurbishment company – just like us!

Next, you need an idea of what you would like:

For those that need some design inspiration, why not take a look at our office design page to get your creative juices flowing or read on to discover popular styles for contemporary offices.

Which Office Refurbishment Services Do You Need?

When planning a full office refurbishment, ask yourself if any of these services should be considered:

Professional Interior Design

If you are looking to make a statement with your design, you may require interior design services, complete with a 3D render of your chosen design.

Full Strip Out and Fit Out

Depending on the current state of the walls, ceilings, flooring, electrics and HVAC system you may require a full strip out and fitout. Your office refurbishment company can advise on this.

Partitioning, Booths or Zone Furnishings

Have you considered a breakout zone and meeting spaces? There are many options available for creating designated meeting areas. You can use office partitioning, acoustic booths or furnishings to create independent spaces.

Acoustic Panelling

Working in a particularly busy office can be very loud and draining. There are some incredible acoustic solutions for noisy offices. From shaped wall and ceiling panels to printed designs on acoustic sheets with your chosen artwork.

Getting the acoustics right will require the services of a professional acoustic technicians, who can advise on the perfect balance for your space.

Air Conditioning Installation

Did you know that air conditioning can not only cool a room, but heat it too? Dual-purpose air conditioning is the ideal solution for commercial settings, especially those that don’t have access to a mains gas supply, such as rural offices. Air conditioning will also improve the air quality within the office, thus having a positive impact on employee health and productivity.

Office Kitchen Installation

The office kitchen is a high traffic area in an office. Therefore, it is important to install a high quality, durable kitchen with streamline design for hygiene and cleaning purposes. From the floor-up, you need to consider finishes that will be easy to keep clean, such as cap ‘n’ cove flooring systems and hygienic wall cladding instead of tiles.

Toilet and Washroom Refurbishments

Like the kitchen, the office toilets are another high traffic area and hygiene should be of optimum importance. Cistern panelling, hygienic cladding, cap ‘n’ cove flooring and trough-style sinks are products that can enhance the hygiene in your workplace washroom and the styling too!

Contemporary Office Interior Design Ideas

When given an empty space, with no furniture and basic décor, it can be incredibly difficult to envisage the true potential of your office space.

The Industrial Design Theme is traditionally associated with dark greys and a combination of natural and industrial materials, such as brick, cast iron and wood. Like all great things, this contemporary look continues to evolve and can be adapted for all size offices.

The Swedish look has been around for decades, but it is ever popular in London office refurbishments. The use of light wood and angular shapes can give an office interior design depth and deliver interesting details.

The modernist look with splashes of colour can look great in any size office refurbishment. However, to really achieve the modernist look, it’s important to realise that there is more to it than just a white walls and blocks of colour.

Lighting plays a vital role, as does texture and depth, which can be combined with design details, such as floating ceilings and LED lights, back lit wall panelling, integrated uplighters and glass office partitioning.

The Eco office look is becoming increasingly popular. This look has sparked creative concepts, such as flower walls, ceiling with foliage and internal gardens, complete with water features. Plants can be a great natural solution for improving the air quality within the office and adding interest within your design.

There are many different styles of office interiors, these are just the most popular. The important things to consider when planning the design of your office refurbishment are: Is it unique to your business? Is it practical for your needs? Does it portray the nature of your business and you corporate branding?

An office refurbishment company will be able to advise on the scope of design possibilities for your available space and highlight any opportunities to improve the layout.

If you would like to discuss office design trends and your office refurbishment plans with a reputable office fit out company, contact the JBH Refurbishments team today.

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