The Truth About Office Air Conditioning

As we hit record breaking temperatures this week, office air conditioning will be the topic of many debates among colleagues. Should it be on or off, turned up or turned down. Is it good for you? How does it work? What the hidden benefits of air conditioning?

In this article, we cover the hot topics when it comes to office air conditioning and more.

What is the Optimum Office Temperature?

The truth is the optimum working temperature in an office environment is out for debate.

According to a study by the Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory for Heating Ventilating and Air‐conditioning, the optimum temperature for office-based tasks is 22°C. When the temperature increases to 30°C, performance reduces by 8.9%.

In contrast in a study by Cornell University, that we refer to in our article ‘Is Comfort A Top Office Refurbishment Priority For Your Kent or London Office Design?’ it suggests that “warmer workers work better.” This study suggests the best temperature is 25°C.

In actual fact, everyone is different. The best solution for any office conflict over the air conditioning system is to move to an area of the office that is comfortable for you. For anyone that feels too chilly, ensure you keep a jumper near by.

Is Air Conditioning Good for You?

There is a common myth about office air conditioning that many people will believe to be true. That is air conditioning helps to spread illnesses and germs. Actually, air conditioning should do the opposite. A well-maintained air conditioning system will remove stale air and replace it with fresh cool, or heated air.

As a direct result of your office air conditioning, you could see a reduction in staff absentees.

How Does it Work?

Office air conditioning circulates the air within the room and in doing so, removes the stale air and pumps in fresh air from outside. The continuous circulation of air removes harmful germs and particles within your office.

However, if the air conditioning system is not routinely checked and cleaned, it can cause the air conditioning unit to under perform, or even leak, which can cause much bigger issues with water damage.

Commercial Air Conditioning systems should also be regularly maintained by law Under strict FGas regulations, operators of units with a C02 equivalent output of 5 tonnes or more must keep an FGas maintenance record.

The Hidden Benefit of Air conditioning – Windows Closed!

We’ve already established that the main benefit of office air conditioning is productivity and performance in office-based tasks. It also offers health benefits, but the other reasons that air conditioning can improve the office life is there are fewer reasons to open the windows.

Why is this good? Well, there are several reasons. Emma, who hates wasps and Dave who gets annoyed by flies can now relax. Simply removing the need to open windows can reduce the number of insects that fly into your office causing uproar among certain team members. Come on we know who they are!

Security comes into play here too. By removing the need for windows to be open during the day reduces the risk of windows being left open when everyone leaves. Open windows at night can be an attractive prospect for an opportunist thief.

It is also very likely that if someone does break-in through an open window, without forced entry, the office insurance will be invalid.

It’s not just burglars you need to worry about when leaving a window open. A bird, insect or other animal could enter the building and trigger the alarm. The last thing the MD wants to do in the middle of the night is go to the office to check things out. Depending on the alarm system in place, it could also waste the valuable time of the emergency services.

Finally, unbeknown to many, opening a window can make the inside temperature hotter. If the outside temperature is hotter than inside, the windows should be kept closed. Opening the window will allow the hot air in.

If you are running air conditioning, the windows should always be kept closed, otherwise the system will have to work harder to cool to space to the specified temperature. We suggest you stick to cooling your office rather than the world!

AC Prevents Electronics from Overheating

In the UK, we are experiencing hotter temperatures each year and when it does get hot our electrical equipment can overheat. This can be a major financial burden to a business. If a server goes down, the cost implications of repairs and staff downtime can be astronomical.  By simply installing air conditioning to regulate the inside temperature, you can prevent overheating your core equipment as well as your staff.

Office Air Conditioning Installation Options

At JBH Refurbishments, we offer an office air conditioning installation service for businesses in London and the South East.

There are many office air conditioning options available that offer both cooling and heating solutions. Among the options are single split, twin split, VRF, VRV and fully integrated air conditioners by some of the most pioneering manufacturers. Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba are among the leading brands in the UK, which produce a range of air conditioning systems to suit your office interior and business needs.

To help you achieve the ideal comfort in your office, the JBH Refurbishments team can carry out a fully site survey and make suggestions on the most suitable system for you. To find out more, please contact us today.

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