How To Make Your Kent or London Office Space Appear Bigger

No matter what size your Kent or London office space, it makes sense to make the most of any space available to you, especially if your office space is small.

This article looks at how you can free up space and make the space available to your business appear bigger than it actually is, creating the illusion that you have more office space than you actually have. This can go a long way to changing the atmosphere in the office, lightening the mood and raising productivity.

Open Spaces

Having an open plan office, rather than partitioning off individual office spaces can give a room an appearance of being more spacious. When you can see more of a room without your view being blocked by walls this allows the eye to see the full space without any hindrance.

Instead of using office partitioning to separate office space or to designate different office sections you can use coloured walls or different carpeting to mark departments or team areas.

Use Light and Bright Colours To “Highlight” Office Areas

When it comes to decorating avoid using dark colours in your office design as it can lead to office space feeling cramped and enclosed (the opposite effect to what we are looking to achieve with these tips). Instead consider using bright, light and highlight colours to emphasise areas and to open up the space in your office.

White, cream and pastel colours with a highlight bolder colour can help reflect the light in the room which in turn can create the illusion of larger space. Added to this a splash of colour can also add depth to an office space, breaking up the monotony of the same wall colour, and helping staff feel more positive and energised.

Artwork can also help enhance a small office space by adding further depth and a splash of colour.

Light Up Your Office Design

Poor light is very similar to dark colours in that it makes a space look smaller. If you want your office to look bigger, you should make sure that you are maximising your use of either natural or artificial light. This can be achieved in a number of ways.

In order to ensure the best use of natural light, glass partitioning should be used where space need to be divided into individual office areas. As with open space glass allows the eye to wander further without blocking the view giving the illusion of increased space. Glass also allows natural light to flow across the office space which in turn can help make a room look more spacious.

If there is not enough natural light then additional lighting should be installed. You should avoid floor lights as these will take up floor space, which is something you don’t want if your office space is limited. Instead you should invest in ceiling and wall lights.

Think Smart When It Comes to Office Storage

Storage is essential for any business and can play an important role in making your office look larger.

Smart office storage can play a major role in keeping an office clear of clutter. Clever storage ideas can be employed to free up much needed space.

When it comes to storage think about using floor to ceiling space. By using the full height of your office through the use of storage walls or built in cupboards and building in easy access e.g. through folding stairs/ladders, you can maximise the amount of storage you can get out of a limited amount of space and accommodate more office paperwork and documents as well as other office materials than you would be able to do with other typical office storage solutions. By keeping everything out of sight you’ll create the illusion of having more space. Storage walls can be securely fitted to an existing wall or can be freestanding, thus providing a stylish and practical office partition.

If you have the budget you could also consider bespoke storage built to provide storage in those spaces that can’t be used for anything else e.g. areas under stairs or where a desk or chair wouldn’t fit. By building storage into these areas you are turning underutilised space into much needed storage space.

Go Digital

Today many offices are also minimising the amount of paperwork they need to store by going digital.

Cloud storage can be used to reduce paperwork. Backup drives, memory cards and flash sticks can also be used to store every day documents, reducing the amount of hard copies required.

Keep Your Office Space Clutter Free

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered office especially when office space is at a premium. Not only does your office look untidy it will make it look smaller! It’s therefore important to spot and stop clutter creep (and we all know how easily that can happen).

Introduce a clutter free office policy and encourage staff to recycle or throw out anything that they don’t need/isn’t being used. Make sure that office materials are stored away, out of site. By keeping clutter at bay your office will look more professional and organised and appear more spacious.

The same goes for the office floor. It’s important to keep the office floor clear of unnecessary items. Again store away anything that isn’t immediately needed and only take it out when it’s required.

When it comes to cabling, which can start to get out of control as your business grows, make sure that any wires are secured out of the way, preferably hidden e.g. under the floor or in discrete trunking. Alternatively consider wireless solutions wherever and whenever possible which will leave your office space looking look tidier and using less space.

How We Can Help

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