On Your Marks, Get Set For Office Refurbishments!

An office refurbishment can completely change your whole business for the better. It can address any number of issues from improving your corporate image/brand to enhancing the use of space and improving the look and feel of the workspace to making it a welcoming place for visitors as well as unlocking cost savings.

Office refurbishments can seem daunting. When you’re set to carry out a refurbishment it can seem like an up-hill battle or long distance marathon race. It’s not something you simply do on a whim, it takes planning and preparation if you want to finish in good stead. It’s not the finish line that’s important, it’s the outcome and how the process and many elements that are involved are managed along the way.

If you don’t put the time into planning and working out your objectives you won’t get the desired results.

Step by Step Process

Refurbishing a workplace is a step by step process with many different aspects to consider. You should start with a checklist of the why, who, how, where and when and once this is established move onto looking at individual elements including design, materials to be used, management of the project and communication.

A knowledge and understanding of your premises coupled with your business objectives in terms of staff numbers (now and likely future counts), space and functionality requirements and return on capital expenditure all need to be taken into account.

Office Refurbishments Checklist

To ensure a smooth transition from old to new a checklist should always form part of any office refurbishments project. The checklist should cover:

  • Why you are refurbishing – to establish objectives.
  • Who will be involved – to ensure there is a main point of contact who will take responsibility for dealing with decisions or finding out answers to questions asked.
  • How much budget is available – to have sights set on a realistic figure and let stakeholders know how much they have to work with and to keep within budget.
  • Where refurbishment changes need to be made – to meet your objectives while keeping in mind designs are compliant with all regulations, particularly the DDA, The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.
  • When would be the best time to carry out work – to minimise the disruption to your work practices so that you can continue ‘business as usual’.

Office Refurbishment Design

With your checklist in place you can then turn to the design and layout. When it comes to design and there are many things to consider when carrying out a workplace refurbishment. Trying to picture the final outcome can be difficult. This is where digital renders can be used to show exactly how your workplace will look after work is completed.

From everything from choosing the right colour scheme to the right office partitioning to where to position walls, what furniture to use, if suspended ceilings / lighting is required etc. you can ensure the design and layout is right prior to carrying out the work helping to keep your office refurbishment project on track and on budget, reducing the cost of your office fit-out without any compromise to quality and planning.

Office Refurbishment Project Management and Communication

It’s vitally important to have a good team behind you who will deal with the management of your refurbishment project and who will ensure timely feedback. A trusted partner like JBH Refurbishments can help you navigate the process.

We deliver an end-to-end service and take responsibility for all aspects of the project. This gives the advantage that there is a single point of contact for coordination of all work, design integration and the meeting of deadlines/timelines. When this inclusive approach is adopted, there are no “grey areas” as to who is responsible and no shifting of blame.

The final outcome of an office refurbishment project depends upon the skills and experience of the office refurbishment company and project manager. JBH Refurbishments have over 25 years experience in office refurbishment and the knowledge you need to ensure you avoid making costly mistakes by making sure the job is done right, first time.

Call our helpful team on 0333 207 0339 to discuss your options or contact us via our contact form.

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