Office Partitioning Installation in Rochester, Kent

Client I&A Communications
Location Kent
Sector Commercial, Office
Why Choose Office Partitioning?

There are many benefits to an office partitioning installation that can improve the flow within your workplace. Some include:

  • Dividing an office space for individual departments
  • Create meeting spaces and breakout rooms
  • Providing a quiet office for management

That’s right office partitioning is a quick and easy solution to solving your office design and layout concerns.

I&A Communications: Office Partitioning Installation Kent

Office partitioning certainly proved to be the best solution for I&A Communications in Hoo, near Rochester.

As a company after our own hearts, they knew the benefits of converting an industrial unit to office space. Having found the ideal industrial unit for the conversion, I&A Communications required the commercial fit out services of JBH Refurbishments to complete the office partitioning installation.

The newly built industrial unit was entirely empty, except for a mezzanine floor and staircase. Upstairs was our focus area. Here, we needed to create a usable office space that was safe in the event of a fire, and provide a large meeting room for visitors.

The office partitioning installation Kent project presented two focus areas:

  1. The stairwell to the first floor and downstairs entrance
  2. The boardroom within the open-plan office
Safety First: The Stairwell Partition Wall

To ensure the newly built office space met fire safety regulations, our first task was to enclose the stairwell. We needed to build a fully enclosed path from upstairs to the main entrance. This would provide a protected escape passage in an emergency.

Using fire rated materials, our carpenters built a partition wall from floor to ceiling across the upstairs office. This measured approximately 15 metres. Downstairs we installed a small partition wall to provide access to the ground floor fire exit, with the addition of a small suspended ceiling.

To prevent the stairwell appearing overly dark, we fitted fire rated glazed windows within the partition wall, which flooded the area with natural light. The window surrounds matched the oak effect fire doors, which we installed at the top of the stairs. The doors entered the large open plan first floor office from the stairwell.

Building a Meeting Space: Glazed Office Partitioning Installation

The spacious first-floor office retained all the contemporary features of the industrial unit. The corrugated metal ceiling and steel frame were left fully exposed when the office partitioning was installed.

The client was keen for the office design and layout to retain its spacious open plan appearance. Yet they required a large and sophisticated meeting area within the space for greeting clients.

The solution was to install frameless glazed partition walls. This would allow the natural light to flow through the office space and retain a bright and airy environment.

Before the office partitioning installation for the meeting room could commence, we needed to build a bulkhead from the pitched ceiling to what would be the top of partition wall.

Our skilled carpenters built the bulkhead across one of the cross beams and horizontal struts to provide a solid framework for the glazed partition walls. To complete the look, we plastered and decorated the bulkhead for a seamless office partitioning installation.

With the bulkhead in place, we were able to fit the glass partition walls. In total we fitted 15 metres of glass office panels. The top of the panels fitted into the bulkhead, while floor rails supported the lower edges. In some areas, we custom cut the glass to fit around the steel beams for a precise fit.

Once the office partitioning was installed, we fitted spot manifestations, to ensure the clear class is fully visible to all of I&A Communications’ staff and visitors.

The end result is a stunning office with a contemporary meeting space that the team at I&A Communications can now enjoy.

Want a Quote for an Office Partitioning Installation?

If you are looking for an office partitioning installation in Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex or Essex and would like a quote from a reputable fit out contractor, please get in touch with JBH Refurbishments on 0333 207 0339 or drop us an email via our contact form.

We can provide a wide range of office partitioning installation solutions for offices, industrial units, schools, healthcare and retail. From glazed partitions with acoustic properties to folding partitions for a truly flexible space, we have the skills and vision to ensure you receive the best possible installation for your workplace at the best possible price.

I&A Communications Fire Rated Glazed Windows Within the Partition Wall
I&A Communications Office Partitioning
I&A Communications Office Partitioning
I&A Communications Office Partitioning
I&A Communications Office Partitioning

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