Workplace FIT Out Ideas For An Active Workforce

At some point we have all set ourselves health goals. We have the most optimistic of intentions to improve fitness, lose those extra pounds and cut down on the booze. Unfortunately, many of us give up within just a few weeks. The call of the chocolate biscuit can often be far more appealing than a run or walk outside, especially when faced with the cold weather. But what if your workplace fit out was set up to encourage a more active lifestyle and healthy living?

Healthy Living = Healthy Business = Workplace Fit Out Fit For Promoting Health

Some of the most cutting-edge businesses in London and around the world experiment with healthy living to encourage staff to consistently live a healthier lifestyle. From treadmills with built in workstations to office gyms, these businesses are leading the way to encouraging staff to live better.

Of course, providing such facilities is intended to directly benefit the business – healthier staff equate to less sickness in the workplace, lower stress levels and better productivity.

It is a known fact that businesses that nurture the well-being of their staff will reap the benefits. Exercise reduces stress and increases endorphins. What better way to run a business?

Encourage Healthy Living with a Workplace Fit Out

Ok, not all businesses can offer gyms and desks with treadmills, but there are ways they can encourage staff to get more active during work time, breaks and travelling to a from work.

First things first, your workplace fit out needs to have the correct washroom facilities in place to allow your team to freshen up after a workout. Depending on the size of your workforce, you will require at least one shower cubical. This can be fitted within the main washroom, or a separate shower room.

Hygienic Cladding for Shower Cubicles

BePlas and Altro White Rock hygienic cladding are the most suitable wall surface for workplace shower cubicles. Both brands offer an impervious wall cladding that can come in all colours and designs. Unlike traditional ceramic bathroom tiles, hygienic cladding is moulded into corners using a specialist machine. Depending on the required finish the seams are either welded together or joining strip is used.

Hygienic cladding removes any requirement for grout, which can be difficult to keep clean and often becomes mouldy over time. This type of shower cubicle wall cladding is simple to clean and its durable properties mean it can withstand high usage and the test of time.

To fully achieve the hygienic properties of this shower cubicle wall covering, it must be fitted by an approved installer of hygienic cladding, such as JBH Refurbishments.

Getting Active

Now that we have established how your team can freshen up at work, here are some ideas for more active workforce.

Cycle to Work Scheme

The Cycle To Work Scheme is an incentive set up by the Government as part of its Green Transport Plan. It incentivises businesses to encourage staff to cycle to work by offering tax free benefits on cycle equipment. The employer purchases the cycle equipment as part of a loan agreement with the employee.

The cost of the equipment is treated as a capital expenditure and can be claimed as a capital allowance in the usual manner. Businesses that qualify for Annual Investment Allowance can write off the full expenditure. Find out more about The Cycle To Work Scheme.

Introduce Exercise Equipment

We don’t all have space for a dedicated gym, but some exercise equipment could encourage staff to get more active during lunch breaks. A cross trainer, exercise bike, treadmill, or a few weights could be all you need to encourage your team to get more active.

Workplace Running Clubs

Running is an incredible popular sport, so why not set up a work running club for all abilities. Agree with your team to run one or two days in the week, before or after work. This will not only make you fit, but improve team morale. Ensure the correct safety measures are taken, such as illuminated running gear and ensure the route is safe.

Aerobics Workouts

All you need is some space and YouTube! The internet offers an abundance of short workouts for you to do during breaks. All you need is a clear space, so push the meeting room table to one side and start working out.

Get More Active at Work Without Building Up a Sweat

A few years ago, a study revealed how sitting for 20 minutes out of every half an hour, standing for eight minutes and moving for two could reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol. This formula doesn’t have to be difficult to adopt in your workplace, there are plenty of  FREE  options to encourage your team to stand-up, sit less and move more:

  • Introduce a no internal calls policy in the office. Encourage your team to get up and walk to a colleague, as opposed to calling them from their desk
  • Provide high level benches, work stations or height adjustable desks to allow workers to stand rather than sit at a computer
  • Standing room only for meetings could cut the chat, improve productivity and improve health
  • Encourage staff to leave the office for lunch breaks and walk
  • If your staff tend to use the lift rather than the stairs, some motivational signage could prove useful
  • Move the printing equipment at the furthest point
  • Set regular reminders to move on your calendar
  • While talking on your mobile, stand up and walk!

If you would like to learn more about improving your workplace fit out to encourage an active workforce, please contact our team.

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