Benefits of Working With A Design and Build Company On Your Office Refurbishment

There are many advantages to working with a design and build company when it comes to planning and implementing your next office refurbishment.

The obvious rewards include:

  • the fact you will be working with a company with expertise in office fit outs who will be able to bring their vast experience to your office refurbishment project
  • trend and industry knowledge and insights
  • knowing how to future proof your office space
  • one point of contact
  • time management
  • saving you time and money
  • ensuring you get the very best out of your workspace
  • health and safety compliance
  • piece of mind throughout the project

Below we discuss some of these benefits and rewards in more detail.

Design and Build Expertise

A professional design and build company will bring their expertise and experience to your project. They will understand what works and what doesn’t for your particular industry and will be able to provide advice with a view to your office space, work processes and requirements.

Trend and Industry Knowledge and Insights

Building upon design and build expertise you’ll also want your office fit out company to have a wealth of trend and industry knowledge and insights. A trend and industry expert will keep up to date and will know which trends are up and coming and those which are popular. They’ll understand the latest innovations in office design and fit out, furniture design and development (to meet the latest health and safety recommendations alongside being comfortable and fully functional) as well as relevant workplace technology to ensure your business can meet staff needs both now and in the future (think Covid-19).

However, it’s not just about knowing what the latest trends are; they’ll need to understand what will work for you. There’s no point in having the latest “trendy” office design if it inhibits your workflow or stops your staff from being productive. Your design and build expert will be able to marry the “what works for you” with design trends to provide the best office fit out specifically for your business. It’s therefore a good idea to look for a design and build partner who has the appropriate sector experience whether it be office, education, retail or healthcare. Each sector will have different requirements and you’ll want your partner to be able to offer insights into what will work for your particular sector.

They may even be able to help you understand what your competitors are doing and to offer advice on the pros and cons of their fit outs.

Future Proofing Your Office Space

An expert design and build company will be able to address your office space needs both in the here and now and into the future to ensure your workspace can easily adapt over time to your business’s and staff’s requirements.

Future proofing includes the design of multipurpose offices/office space, flexible office furniture that can be easily moved or changed in configuration, flexible partitioning and the use of plants and storage walls as office space dividers etc.

One Point of Contact

When organising an office fit out project you would normally need to get in touch with a number of different companies to fulfil the variety of different services that are required. With a design and build company you have one point of contact rather than having to deal with multiple companies for the individual design and build elements. Your design and build company will then be responsible and accountable for all of the work being carried out. The overall risk is therefore reduced as the ownership of any refurbishment work carried out is clear.

Communication is also likely to be intrinsically better when dealing with just one company. If communication issues do arise they are far more likely to be handled quickly and efficiently. Furthermore as a client you don’t have to manage communication or try to resolve or mediate issues between different companies.

Time Management

When you partner with a professional office refurbishment company, who deals with both the design and build of your project you’ll benefit from their experience in how long each aspect of your project will take. Based on past experience they’ll be able to accurately estimate how long each part of your office refurbishment will take and when your project will be complete. Given this your office fit is far more likely to go smoothly, efficiently and to time.

If there are any issues your design and build partner are also likely to have come across them before and know how to tackle them to get your project back on track again.

Piece of Mind

An office refurbishment is likely to be one of the largest outlays in terms of cash that you and your company will be involved in. Employing a design and build expert with the experience to see your project through from start to finish and who is fully accountable for all of the work carried out can provide you with piece of mind.

From the initial consultation, the workspace design/2D and 3D renders to workplace furniture, lighting, partitioning, ceilings and decorating, your expert design and build partner will cover all the bases.

Health and Safety

Health and safety plays a major role in all office refurbishment projects.

Clearly when office areas are being refurbished building work will be taking place which can lead to health and safety issues if not carried out to UK health and safety standards. By working with a design and build company you can be sure that they’ll take this responsibility seriously and you can be safe in the knowledge that no rules or regulations will be overlooked.

Your Design and Build Company

JBH Refurbishments are a professional design and build company. No matter the size of the project you’ll want an office refurbishment team who understand how to deliver your project on time, on budget and with quality in mind. From your site visit to assess your needs, to establishing your priorities and putting together a project plan, to developing an office design and layout that meets your needs to delivering your project JBH Refurbishments will ensure your office fit out is everything you hoped. Contact us via our contact form or by calling us on 0333 207 0339.

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