The Design and Build of Office Refurbishments in Kent and London

When it comes to the design and build of office refurbishments JBH Refurbishments have a reputation for delivering quality office fit outs across Kent and London.

Office design and build is much more than just putting together a colour palette, workplace furniture, some fixtures and fittings or looking at lighting levels. It’s vital that the current space is used to its full potential and provides the client with a space which meets all of their current and medium term business requirements. Each project should be tailored to the client’s specific needs so that the office space embodies a company’s core brand values, while providing the useful and comfortable working space that the business requires.

In order to ensure that each and every office refurbishment project is successful JBH Refurbishments uses an established office refurbishment project approach which includes discussions with the client to understand their individual needs and workspace requirements, capturing your core brand values to create an office space that fully represents your business, a site survey, plan development and 2D and 3D visuals of the design of the office space. All of this happens before anyone steps foot on your premises to begin the building phase.

Design and Build Phases

There are various phases involved in the design and build of a new office refurbishment. Below we go into more detail of what these phases include:

Reason for New Office Refurbishment

As a starting point we look to understand the objective of your office refurbishment.

It may be that you are looking to utilise your current office space more effectively. You may have grown recently and need more space or you may simply be looking to update as your office refurbishment is starting to look its age. You may have changed your business focus and require a change of use. If you’ve decided you’ve outgrown your current office space and need to move to a new location you’ll require a complete office refurbishment so that your new space will met your business needs.

Client Discussions

Any one of the reasons above would put a different perspective on your design and build project so it’s important to fully understand your business needs and requirements to ensure that from the beginning of the project your objectives are fully understood. For this reason we will spend some time discussing your requirements with you to ensure we know what you want from your workspace.

Typically we’ll ask some of the questions (and others) below:

  • Why do you require a new office refurbishment?
  • What do you want to achieve form your new design and build? Consider both current, short term, medium term and longer term goals and objectives.
  • How many staff do you have and how many are you likely to have in the near future? This will inform the number of office spaces/seats within your office area.
  • Do you require individual office spaces, are you looking to go open plan, do you need meeting room facilities and will you require a reception area?
  • What storage requirements do you have? Do you store paper copies or is everything done digitally?
  • What “social spaces” are you considering e.g. break out areas, tea points, kitchen space etc.
  • Do you have a desired style? What are your branding colours?
  • What type of materials have you seen that you like which could be used for fixtures and furnishings?
    And finally
  • We’ll discuss your budget and if you have any set timelines in mind.

Once we have a complete “brief” of your requirements we can move onto the next stage.

Site Survey

Next we’ll visit your site and carry out a site survey. This will enable our project team to look at your requirements and match them against the available space. This will also give us the opportunity to go through your brief and work with you develop a design and build plan.

The site survey includes detailed measurements of the floor space to allow us to create accurate floor plans and an inventory of all current office furniture and equipment you intend to keep.

Design Phase

Once the site survey is complete we will begin to design your office layout. Our office design service looks at the individual and open planned spaces that will be required, taken from your brief, and that take into account various elements like your corporate identity and any branding considerations that need to be included, the available natural light in each area, the office acoustics, the furnishings that will be needed plus any other practical requirements.

To help you visualise workspace and plan your desk arrangement, we’ll produce 2D drawings showing the proposed layout. We’ll use mood boards to help explain our thinking, to bring the plan together and to give you a feel for the overall colour scheme and the materials we would recommend using within the furnishings, fixtures and fittings.

The 2D drawings are our design starting point which are discussed with you, reviewed and amended as required.

Once the 2D drawings are finalised 3D renders are produced to allow you to “walk through” the office space. Renders are an excellent way of enabling you to see your new office space will look once our builders have finished and can cut through the issue of being able to see past the people, old desks and dated décor within your current office design and layout. This will give you the confidence that your new office refurbishment will work successfully when it is built.

Build Phase

On completion of the design phase we will begin work on building your new office space. Our highly skilled team will carry out the work to bring your refurbishment to fruition. The work may include office partitioning including acoustic panelling, suspended ceilings, different types of lighting, flooring, planting, textured wall coverings, paint, wall art and murals etc. depending on the final design.

To see some of our past projects visit our case studies page.

JBH Refurbishments Your Design and Build Company

JBH Refurbishments are a professional design and build company with a proven track record in the office refurbishment and office fit out industry. No matter the size of the project you’ll want an office refurbishment team who understand how to complete your project on time, on budget and with quality in mind. From our first conversation to your site survey to establishing your priorities and putting together a project plan, to developing an office design and layout that meets your needs you can count on JBH Refurbishments to deliver.

You can contact us via our contact form or calling us on 0333 207 0339.

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