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Laboratory Fit Out Kent

Puretone Lab Fit Out

A Laboratory fit out needs to be hygienic and functional, with a layout that offers ease of movement.

At JBH Refurbishments, we are an experienced laboratory fit out company and specialists in hygienic work zones. In fact, JBH is an approved refurbishment company for NHS hospitals in the South East, so we understand the importance of optimising hygiene and how best to do this.

When Kent-based hearing equipment specialists, Puretone contacted us to fit out its laboratory for manufacturing its products, JBH was the unrivalled fit out company for the job.

From its laboratory in Rochester, Kent, Puretone produces hearing aids, tinnitus systems, in-ear monitors, ear-moulds, swim-plugs, noise protection plugs, and covert equipment for surveillance purposes.

This award-winning manufacturer supplies its hearing systems to dispensers across London, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Essex. With such an established network, Puretone’s Rochester research, development and manufacturing facility needed a dedicated hygienic laboratory for manufacturing and testing its products.

The Laboratory Fit Out

Within Puretone’s facility was a disused area that posed the most practical space for the laboratory. This measured 30 square metres.

The Managing Director of Puretone was very clear about the layout, so it was up to the team at JBH to determine the correct materials and hygienic finishes for this Kent laboratory fit out.

Initially JBH Refurbishments stripped the room and boxed-in the HVAC pipework and electrical wiring. To disguise utilities in the ceiling, JBH installed a suspended ceiling with integrated square LED light panels. The suspended ceiling tiles allow access for maintaining the HVAC and lighting systems.

We then installed glazing between the laboratory and the main operating area to enhance the amount of natural light in the lab. On the same wall, the door between to two rooms was finished with a strip curtain to prevent dust entering the room.

On the walls Altro White Rock Hygienic Cladding was installed from floor to ceiling to provide an impervious and smooth service, which can be easily cleaned. This surface covering is ideal for a laboratory fit out, toilet refurbishment, showers and changing rooms. However, hygienic wall panelling must be professionally fitted by an approved installer – such as JBH Refurbishments – to make the most of its hygienic properties.

Specialist machinery is used to mould the hygienic panels into place and when installed with precision, the surface can be cleaned efficiently, leaving nowhere for dirt to accumulate and bacteria to breed.

On the floor we fitted a blue vinyl. Again, this product was selected for its hygienic properties and because it is easy to keep clean.

To create the lab workstation and storage, JBH installed white gloss handle-less units. These were finished with a grey worktop to provide a lab bench for Puretone’s hearing specialists to manufacture and test products.

Overall, the laboratory fit out took just three weeks from conception to completion.

How JBH Can Support Your Laboratory Fit Out

JBH Refurbishments can provide professional advice, design, layout and full installation services for your laboratory fit out or refurbishment.

Laboratories need to be practical and hygienic. They may also require temperature control. Therefore, when designing a lab fit out we should first determine the functionality of area:

  • Will scientific experiments be performed?
  • What items are being manufactured in the lab?
  • Is the lab being used for testing? If so, what tests will take place?
  • Will it need to be temperature controlled?

For health and safety reasons, we recommend that suitable heating, fresh air ventilation and air conditioning is installed within the lab area. There should also be a fire alarm, emergency lighting and running water.

A lab fit out, should be easy to keep clean and sterile to prevent any contamination. Just like the Puretone’s laboratory, where we used a specialist hygienic cladding on the wall, we recommend using Altro White Rock. As well as the walls, this hygienic cladding can be installed on the ceiling and on worktops. We’ve even made hospital reception desks with this material!

On the floor, we suggest using a non-slip vinyl with cap and cove system, allowing you to mop right up to the edge of the floor, where dirt is usually left to build up and germs breed.

At each workstation we recommend there is an electrical point for equipment. Electrical sockets can be installed on the wall, within the worktop or bench depending on the layout of your lab.

Building a Lab

If you don’t currently have a dedicated space for a lab, we can create one within you facility, using partitioned walls. Glazing can be integrated to enhance the natural light in the area too.

The alternative to partitioning is building a mezzanine floor system. Provided you have suitable height in your property, this is a space saving option that can present substantial room for a lab fit out.

Laboratory Furniture

Having somewhere to perform tests, experiments and production is essential in a lab. There must be enough work surface space for each individual and this will be determined by the layout. There also needs to be plenty of storage for equipment.

JBH can tailor your laboratory furniture to suit your space and meet your needs. We can provide bespoke laboratory furniture including:

  • Height adjustable benches
  • Standard benches
  • Stalls
  • Cupboards
  • Built in storage walls
  • Wash stations

To find out more about our laboratory fit out service in Kent, London, Surrey and Sussex, please get in touch with our team.

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