Dual Site Toilet Refurbishment in Kent

Client MC Group
Location Kent
Sector Office

JBH Completes the office shower room fit out and staff /customer toilet refurbishment at MC Group’s Kent branches in Larkfield and Aylesford in just eight weeks

Transport company, MC Group operates several sites throughout Kent, Sussex Essex, Portsmouth and Southampton that provide truck and bus rental, servicing, repairs and emergency breakdown cover.

This is a business that takes particular care of its employees and upholds a high level of service to its customers. MC Group understands that having a well-presented workplace that looks professional and welcoming to customers is part and parcel of its business philosophy.

Having a reputable company that can efficiently refurbish and maintain its workplace interiors to a high standard is key. Consequently, MC Group has contracted JBH Refurbishments to update and refurbish various areas within its Kent and Sussex offices many times, including offices, a reception area and meeting room.

On this occasion, we were contracted to complete a dual site toilet refurbishment at two of MC Group’s Kent branches located in Aylesford and Larkfield.

The Toilet Refurbishment Schedule

The washrooms at MC Group in Aylesford and Larkfield required a complete refurbishment. JBH Refurbishments began with the Aylesford branch, where the gent’s, ladies’ and MD’s private washroom needed attention.

Once this site was near completion, JBH went on to fit out the ladies’s and gent’s staff washrooms at the Larkfield rental and service division. In addition to the toilet fit out, JBH refurbished a changing area, which is situated adjacent to the gents.

Both sites underwent a complete strip out and the waste and freshwater pipework was relocated in preparation to be concealed within the IPS (Integrated Plumbing System) panelling behind the toilets.

With the appropriate plumbing in place, JBH installed all-new toilets throughout, and urinals in the gents. The toilets were enclosed with a graphite grey toilet cubicle framework, contrasting cream doors and cream IPS panelling. Complimentary vanity units were installed in all the washroom areas on both sites.

The toilet refurbishments on each site were completed within an eight-week timeframe.

The Gent’s Washroom and Changing Room Refurbishment

Due to the nature of the Larkfield Rental and Service Centre, the walls in the gents and in the adjacent changing area needed to be covered in a material that could be easily wiped clean from floor to ceiling. It had to be hardwearing too, so JBH suggested hygienic cladding.

Hygienic cladding is an impervious and hardwearing material that can be fitted to walls, ceilings and work surfaces. It is ideal for hygienic work zones and areas that withstand dirt and grime on a regular basis. When professionally installed by an approved installer, hygienic cladding is easy to clean, with limited areas where residue can collect and build up.

The gents and changing room at the Larkfield office was fitted with white hygienic cladding from floor to ceiling. It is however available in other colours and patterns.

In the gents at the Aylesford branch the walls were finished to half way point with the same graphite grey panelling as the toilet cubical framework and neutral tones on the walls.

The Ladies’

The ladies’ washrooms at Larkfield and Aylesford were completed with cream tiles half-way up the walls and contrasting grey upstands around the vanity units.

The MD’s Shower Room Refurbishment

In the MD’s shower room, JBH striped out the dated shower tray, tiles, sink and toilet. Keeping to the same layout, the plumbing scheme received some minor alteration to accommodate a new streamline shower tray, toilet and sink.

The same sleek colour scheme from the gent’s and ladies’ washrooms continued into the shower room, with large black tiles in the shower area, a clear glass screen and chrome shower unit. The remaining walls were fitted with cream tiles, while the vanity unit and IPS panelling were the same contrasting cream doors with a grey framework as the staff/customer toilets.

Additional Fittings and Fixtures

Additional features, including the Dyson hand dryers, toilet roll holders, paper towel dispensers and mirrors, were all supplied and fitted as part of the refurbishment.

The floor finishing used in all five washrooms and the changing room was a hardwearing black vinyl, with a contrasting fleck that completed the smart décor.

The Washroom Colour Scheme

MC Group is affiliated with the Volvo brand. Therefore, the colour scheme for the washrooms on both the Aylesford and Larkfield sites were chosen with the Volvo brand colours in mind – graphite grey and contrasting cream.

The Result

MC Group in Aylesford and Larkfield now have smart new washrooms throughout both site, which can be enjoyed by both staff and customers.

The washrooms have been refurbished to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but they are also easy to keep clean, with minimal effort thanks to the streamline design.

Toilet Refurbishments by JBH Refurbishments

The workplace washroom says a lot about a company. It needs to be clean and well presented to impress customers and show employees that the company cares.

At JBH Refurbishments we install washrooms that offer a professional look and are easy to keep clean. We install toilet and shower rooms for officesschools, gyms, leisure facilities and public spaces throughout KentLondonSurrey and Sussex.

To obtain a competitive quote for your washroom refurbishment please contact our team today!

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