For Modern Office Design Be Inspired by the World’s BEST Office Interiors

Modern office design should be stimulating, fun, enjoyable and most importantly, improve PRODUCTIVITY! With the likes of Google setting the trend for innovative office design, it is no wonder more businesses in London are looking to transform their work space.

When it comes to creating your own modern office design, take inspiration from some of the world most creative and inspiring office interiors. Companies from all sectors – from financial services and insurance companies to gaming and software makers – are making a conscious effort to incorporate unique features as part of their modern office design. The most unusual additions include:

  • Climbing walls
  • Ferris wheel
  • Go karts
  • Treadmill desks
  • Ping pong tables
  • Volley ball court
  • Onsite healthcare centres
  • Roof terrace
  • And of course, who doesn’t know about the Google slide?!

By including unusual office design features, these companies have created an office space that offers a stimulating environment for their workforce, which enables them to carry out their work in a way that is fitting of the company’s work ethic. They have ticked all the boxes for:

  • A space to relax, think, contemplate, get creative
  • Productive work zones with suitable desk configuration
  • Lighting that embraces the office environment
  • Decor that encapsulates the company branding, including the colours and shapes
  • Wall art that inspires a creative thinker
  • Comfortable and stylish office furniture

Make That Wacky Design Statement!

OK, so let’s see how you can use an impactful statement within your office design to take your office from conventional to inspirational!

Artwork, video and photography on the walls can be simple, yet extremely effective. The most important thing to remember is that it should relate your business. Here are some suggestions:

  • A world/national/regional map to demonstrate your demographical reach
  • Graffiti is ideal for an urban and creative London office interior
  • Memorabilia framed or mounted onto the wall denotes how you value your heritage
  • Photography of projects you have completed can showcase the quality of your work
  • Meaningful slogans help to demonstrate your business philosophy
  • Using AV equipment to run video footage. This could be a video that showcases your heritage or your business portfolio
  • For a creative office or a reception, why not project old movies on the wall

Like many of those previously mentioned global brands you could encourage fitness and wellbeing among your workforce as part of your London office fit-out. For example, you could quite easily use the idea of a treadmill desk, a dartboard, ping pong table or pool table.

Wall coverings come in all types of shade, texture, form and material and can really make a statement. For full impact in a big office, use a wall cladding or vinyl textured wallpaper along an entire wall or throughout the office interior.

If you’re unsure about making that wacky statement upfront, keep it under wraps and give your visitors a surprise when they visit you lavish washroom, meeting room, office kitchen or chill out zone.

The options are endless as long as you have a vivid imagination!

Office Design

Whether you are moving to a new office or would like to make some modifications to your current workspace, ultimately, the office design and layout should:

  1. Reflect the nature of the business and its work ethic
  2. The practical requirements of the business and its team of professionals

As a well respected office fit-out company, we provide office refurbishments and fit-outs for a wide variety of businesses across London, Kent and the South East and each business has its own individual needs. Firstly we look at the available space and discuss what you would like to achieve and if you have any special requirements, such as:

  • A tea point/office kitchen
  • Separate office space
  • Signage, such as marketing slogans or artwork
  • Storage solutions
  • IT connections, cable trunking
  • Audio Visual equipment
  • Complete office furniture – office desks, office chairs, office storage
  • Break out zone
  • Meeting room
  • Air conditioning
  • Point of sale
  • Showroom

Office Space Planning

Once we have accessed the available floor area and the existing utilities, we start office space planning, whereby we develop a few options for the office layout and design features.

Part of this process is to build 3D visuals of the finished office fit-out, which includes office partitioning, furniture, wall art, kitchen facilities, storage, flooring, lighting, carpets and all the finishing touches.

This process is essential to achieving the ideal outcome for your business.

Office Partitions

Glass office partitions are a great solution for maximising natural light in a dark office space. You can opt for:

  •  Partial glass partitioning
  •  Glass partition wall
  •  Partition screen
  •  Sliding door partitions
  •  Solid office partition walls
  •  Consortia wall partitions

Office partitions can be customised with your own corporate branding or artwork of your choice. Using vinyl manifestation on glass partitioning and windows we can create any imagery you require.

For one global business, based in Kent, we created the famous London skyline for their office windows. This was to disguise the unsightly view of external air conditioning units on the roof top outside their office.

For more inspirational ideas and solutions for your modern office design then contact our team.

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