Creative Office Planting

Creative office planting concepts can improve air quality and employee wellbeing. In today’s workplace, office planting is a key consideration when undertaking an office refurbishment or office fit out.

Once upon a time, a pot plant was the extent of office planting, but ever evolving Biophilic office design has revived office planting, making it firmly at the heart of contemporary office design. There are a multitude of creative planting arrangements to suit your trendy office interior and we’re here to steer you in the right direction.

As part of JBH Refurbishments office design services in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and the wider South East, we offer office planting consultation, installation and maintenance.

Types of Office Planting

As well as offering a practical solution to improved air quality and wellbeing, office planting can also make a striking office design statement. There are many different options of office planting available to suit the size and design of your office space.

Plant wall beside a row of computer desks and chairs.

Plant Walls

Plant walls are one of the hottest office design trends right now.

They look sensational in a reception, public area, meeting room or office.

They are available with living plants for air purifying purposes, or we can provide replica plant walls if required.

Moss Walls

Moss is a versatile material and ideal for create a piece of modern art within the workplace.

Using different shades of moss, we can recreate your logo, a picture or pattern. From an interior design perspective, the moss wall is most effective on a large scale for optimum impact in a reception, open plan office or meeting room.

Moss wall.
Square within a farme with planting.

Living Pictures and Wall Plants

Living pictures are a unique 3D alternative to traditional wall art, such as a painting, print, wallpaper or mural.

They can be built to your desired size, colour scheme and style. Living pictures are the perfect design feature for an office, corridor, meeting room or reception.

Plant Racks, Shelves and Dividers

If you are looking for non-permanent divider for your office interior, take a look at the options for planting racks and shelving systems.

These are ideal for creating breakout areas and activity-based workstations in an open plan office interior.

Racked plabnt pots outside an office space.

Cabinet Planting

Take a new approach to the desk plant with cabinet planting. These quirky and stylish cabinets have top planters built-in.

They are a storage solution or room divider and come in a range of styles to suit the rest of your office furniture.


Our horticultural office experts put a modern twist on the traditional container planting.

We can create plant container arrangements of all sizes, shapes and styles to accommodate small and large office interiors.

2 containers holding plants.
Hanging plants.

Hanging Plants

From hanging baskets to upside down plant pots, you can make a design statement with hanging plant displays for the office.

This method allows you to have as much planting as you like without having to consider floor space or make changes to your office layout.

Office Plant Consultation

To achieve your desired office design concept, our horticultural consultants will visit your offices to discuss your requirements. We will assess the available natural light, the air quality, temperature and humidity. During the consultation we will discuss the purchasing, rental and maintenance options available to you.

Office Planting Purchase, Rental and Maintenance

Our horticultural specialists offer options for purchasing or renting office planting displays to suit a range of budgets.

There is also maintenance to consider. All plant displays come with irrigation systems built-in to keep them regularly watered and looking healthy, but we also offer regular maintenance by a specialist technician, who will cultivate your plant display and check irrigation water levels.

What Are The Benefits of Office Planting?

We spend approximately 90% of our time indoors – be it at work or at home – but rarely do we consider the air quality. In fact, indoor air pollution is one of the biggest causes of disorders related to the respiratory and inflammatory systems.

Office planting combined with good quality office air conditioning and ventilation has been proven to vastly improve interior air quality, providing many benefits to employees and employers.

Health – better air quality reduces spread of illnesses and airborne irritants, thus lowering absenteeism’s.

Productivity – plants remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, thus improving cognitive functionality.

Wellbeing – Biofilia is the keyword here. It denotes human affiliation with nature and when surrounded by environment with natural themes, we feel calmer, less anxious and reduced fatigue.

Humidity balance – planting can balance the humidity levels in an air-conditioned office.

What is Biophilic Design?

The term Biophillic design was coined by American Biologist, Edward O Wilson in the 1980s, who published his studies on how humans interact directly with nature – including planting, natural stone, water and light.

As we spend more time detached from the natural world – working longer hours and spending less time in natural environments – the fundamental principles of Biophilic design has been adopted by the building industry, interior designers and businesses in a bid to improve health and wellbeing at work.

Health and wellbeing of employees has never before impacted so heavily on office design and the Biophilic design is leading the way in reducing stress and anxiety in the workplace. A large part of Biophilic design is naturally, office planting!

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