Cash In On the Extra Space in Your Business Premises

Companies with a large under-utilised office area or a warehouse with a high roof could cash in on their extra space. Kent-based firm, JBH Refurbishments is encouraging local businesses to consider renting a proportion of their premises to bring in extra income, while supporting other local firms and new enterprises with increasing the number of affordable properties available.

Director of JBH Refurbishments, Babs Hubbard explains, “We know from our own experience that good quality offices with affordable rates can be hard to come by. When we made the step from having a home office to looking for a rental property, there were no available units in our preferred location. Instead we approached local businesses with large premises, and proposed we rent their roof space. Fortunately for us, one company was able to help, and we built a second floor office within their warehouse. This gave us the idea that more companies should rent out their unused space to, not only give them an extra income, but also support local firms, especially new enterprises who struggle to find a suitable office space.”

Commercial estate agent, Lambert and Foster, commends JBH Refurbishments in its venture to encourage businesses to make the most of their premises and increase the number of commercial properties available to rent.

Ben Brandreth, Commercial Lettings for Lambert and Foster says, “Small commercial properties are sought after and there is a considerable lack of them available on the market, meaning more and more businesses are remaining home-based for longer.  The idea of increasing the number of small and affordable rentable properties will allow these businesses to make that next step, without it being such a daunting prospect.”

“Any business considering undertaking this type of building work, should consult a commercial estate agent first for advice. They should also enlist the help of a reputable refurbishment firm; this will ultimately keep the end costs down, ensure a high quality finish, and mean your property is promptly marketable.”

Companies prepared to rent out an area in their premises can simply advertise the space or make it more marketable by carrying out the building work themselves. Before making any major decisions, it’s important to work out the return on investment. Ultimately, the rentable income will pay for the refurbishment work and provide additional revenue.

With over 20 years’ experience in developing layouts to suit various company needs and their workforce, JBH Refurbishments knows a thing or two about creating a marketable office space. When contracted to carry out work they provide advice on building regulations, planning permission, layout, lighting, suspended ceilings, partitioning, flooring and amenities.

“For an office area we advise there is at least one partitioned meeting area, or we can install moving walls for a temporary partition, which can suit smaller spaces,” explains Babs. “An office within a warehouse or industrial unit, will require a suspended ceiling to hide unsightly utilities, wiring and pipe-work. While the right LED lighting, coupled with glazed partitioning, can transform a dark uninspiring area into a light and airy space. LED lighting provides a natural light, which is ideal for a warehouse office, and although the initial outlay can be more, the overall running costs ensure they pay for themselves.

“For this kind of development it’s not essential to have another washroom, as there should already be facilities in place, but it is advisable – preferably male and female. Plus a simple kitchen space for making hot drinks and preparing lunch helps keep the business amenities separate,” concludes Babs.

For professional advice on office refurbishments and maintenance, call JBH Refurbishments on 0333 207 0339 or contact us via our contact form.

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