Workplace Health and Wellbeing in Kent and London

Dame Carol Black, an expert adviser on Health and Work to the Department of Health, England said as part of the Kent Healthy Business Programme Launch on Kent Workplace Health and Wellbeing:

“Work places can be microcosms of society. All workplaces should ensure:

  • enabling leadership towards ‘good work’ and good organisation of work
  • that all managers are trained in effective communication, awareness and learning with respect to wellbeing
  • health development of a culture of health (mental and physical), healthy lifestyles and physical activities at work and among the workforce
  • seizing opportunities for powerful communication, and peer support.

A healthy, engaged workforce with wellbeing is good for business and boosts the bottom line (increasing evidence in many countries).”

Above and beyond this we believe that a happy workforce also comes from the environment they work in. Get this right, make it a well thought out, well planned working space – from partitioning your office space to providing separate, private offices, meeting rooms and break out areas to installing suspended ceilings to improve the office ambience and acoustics through to choosing the right colour scheme, the right office refurbishment can make all the difference to your workforce.

Workplace Health and Wellbeing Stats

Did you know that poor health in the workplace is estimated to cost British companies over £100 billion annually through sick leave? Or that more than 23 million days a year are lost to work-related ill-health?

In London alone, an average-sized business with 250 employees is estimated to make a loss of around £250,000 annually due to sickness absence.

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show that in 2011, 131 million workdays were in the UK. An estimate for 2012 by the Confederation of British Industry is higher at 160 million working days lost. Clearly, the high cost of absence from the workplace due to sickness means that employee health should be an important issue for all businesses.

By investing in employee well-being you can benefit your business by benefiting your employees.

A report by Cavill Associates Ltd in collaboration with the University of Salford on behalf of the City of London backs this up.

Improving Workplace Health and WellBeing Through Office Refurbishment

Many of the articles we write touch upon reducing workplace stress through refurbishment – Office interiors to beat those January Blues, Controlling Workplace Stress Through Office Refurbishments in London, Reducing Stress Through A London Office Refurbishment, How an Office Refurbishment Can Reduce Staff Absenteeism, Innovative Office Design to Inspire Your Staff and there’s good reasons for that:

Research has shown that employers who invest in refurbishment and who provide their staff with a “healthy work environment and mentality” reap the benefits. Through:

  • Improved employee health
  • Increased productivity
  • Lowered employee stress
  • Reduced absenteeism

As a Kent or London business you can support and encourage your employees to be healthier by providing them with the appropriate facilities.

Office Design and Layout

JBH can help you visualise your design and how it will look when finished. It’s often one of the biggest hurdles to get over and what stops a lot of businesses moving forward with their office refurbishment plans. We can create a digital rendering of your office layout to show exactly how your workplace will look once we have completed the refurbishment. Not only can this service help you to see your design it can also help to highlight any potential issues which can be rectified before any work begins. Ensuring the design and layout is right prior to carrying out the work will help keep your development on budget and on track.

Partitioning and Suspended Ceilings

We can offer a range of partitioning systems to cater for every budget, along with a range of colours to complement your existing decor and environment. We also offer a full range of suspended ceiling systems for supply and installation. Combine your suspended ceiling with the correct lighting and instantly you have a more comfortable working environment. A new suspended ceiling can transform your workplace.

Meeting Rooms and Break Out Areas

Having dedicated meeting rooms where staff can come together to meet and discuss goals and progress is essential. In one of our recent articles Meeting Rooms are an Essential Asset to Your Office Fit Out we talked about a survey that revealed that 86% of employees believe meetings are vital to getting work done and provides a quiet area for discussions and planning.

As well as meeting rooms providing areas where staff can get away from their desks and chill out can have a big impact on allowing staff to de-stress. Sometimes people just need a few minutes to regroup and refresh away from their work or computer. By providing a recognised break out area with comfortable seating you give staff a place they can escape to.

Changing and Shower Rooms

An aspect of refurbishment that we haven’t touched upon in previous articles is providing employees with washrooms, full changing room facilities, stand-alone shower areas or showers built into washrooms to encourage your staff to be more active e.g. so that they can cycle to work rather than take public transport and/or exercise at lunchtime.

JBH can supply and install washrooms, toilet cubicles and shower rooms. This includes toilets and cisterns, sinks, vanity units, toilet cubicle doors and partitions, showers, hygienic splash-backs and cap and cove flooring.

We can create a washroom or shower room that you’ll be proud of and that your staff and visitors will be happy to use.

Expert Help

JBH can provide the help and expertise you need to make the right choices when it comes to office refurbishments and workplace health and wellbeing. Please call us on 0333 207 0339 or email to discuss your requirements and get a free quotation.

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